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tv   Today  NBC  January 8, 2010 7:00am-11:00am EST

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good morning. the buck stops with me. president obama vows to fix security flaws that led to an attempted bombing of the u.s. airliner. full-body scanners could be one answer. wh can they detect and what do they reveal? this morning, a live demonstration right in our studio. meat locker. below-zero temperatures in three entire states overnight, north dakota, south dakota and nebraska, as dangerous snow and ice push into the entire eastern half of the country. and falcon's flight. nbc news has obtained
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never-before-seen video of the infamous balloon boy incident. >> dad, falcon's in there! >> where? >> in the ship! >> he was just here! >> no, he's in there! >> what? >> what? >> and despite his guilty plea, balloon boy dad richard heene says it wasn't a hoax. a live, exclusive interview with him today, friday, january 8th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and in for meredith, i'm ann curry. good morning, everybody. there's been a lot of talk about these full-body scanners, specifically after this attempted christmas day bombing, and what these scanners might be able to do to prevent future terror attacks. >> let's take a look right now. this is one of the machines being tested by the tsa, the
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transportation security administration. so, could a machine like this one have detected the explosives carriedcarried aboard northwest airlines flight 253? on the other side of the coin, there are the privacy concerns. how much would a machine like this reveal to security screeners? just ahead, we're going to give you a live demonstration in our studio. >> should be very interesting. also ahead, new developments in the search for a missing child, 8-month-old gabriel johnson. police have identified persons of interest in a case, a couple we featured in our story on thursday, and investigators think they know more about the disappearance than they're letting on. , we're get to get the latest on this in a moment. also, quite a scene at graceland. fans flocking to memphis to pay tribute to the king of rock and roll on this, what would have been his 75th birthday. this morning, priscilla presley joins us for an exclusive, live interview from graceland. >> that man could move. >> sure could. let's begin with a blunt assessment from the president about w the alleged christmas day bomber came close to carrying out a devastating
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attack. nbc's savannah guthrie is at the white house with more on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the president said no single human being or agency led to this failure, so he hasn't fired anyone, but he did not spare the intelligence community a very damning assessment. >> we can't sit on information that could protect the american people. >> reporter: at the helm of a potentially catastrophic failure of the u.s. government, the president said the responsibility for the christmas day near disaster on flight 253 ultimately lies with him. >> i am less interested in passing out blame than i am in learning from and correcting these mistakes to make us safer. for, ultimately, the buck stops with me. >> reporter: while signaling that high-ranking officials' jobs will be spared, the president painted a picture of a stunning failure of the intelligence community to connect the dots. a six-page, declassified report concluded agencies had all the information they needed about "known terrorist" umar farouk
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abdulmutallab but didn't piece it together. unlike 9/11, in this case intelligence was shared across agencies, but no single organization took the lead, leaving the intelligence about the suspect to slip through the cracks. >> i told the president today i let him down. >> reporter: the president's top terror adviser said the government's biggest failing was underestimating al qaeda's o offshoot in yemen, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. u.s. officials had information since early last year the group had ambitions to strike u.s. soil. but didn't really believe they could do it. >> we had a strategic sense of sort of where they were going, but we didn't know they had progressed to a point of launching individuals here. >> reporter: in a memo to federal agencies, the president ordered immediate reforms, including better security and screening at airports, including more use of full-body imaging, tightening of the criteria for visas, faster dissemination of
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intelligence reports and an expansion of terrorism watchlists. moving on tohe offensive, the president took aim at critics like former vice president dick cheney, who have suggested he is soft on terror. >> and while passions and politics can often obscure the hard work before us, let's be clear about what this moment demands. we are at war. now is not a time for partisanship, it's a time for citizenship, a time to come together and work together. >> reporter: well, one of these mistakes was very simple. it turns out, the state department had misspelled the suspect's name, and that's the reason why at first the state departnt didn't realize he had a visa to enter the u.s., matt. >> savannah guthrie at white house, thank you very much. david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> it was a blunt speech, and of course, the quote that will be heard and read everywhere today is "the buck stops with me," the president saying that. did he say at he needed to say? >> well, i think for now, what
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he's signaling is he's going to be much more out in front of fighting this war on terrorism, the war on al qaeda, as the administration puts it, and he wants everybody to have that same sense of urgency when it comes to not just collecting the information, sharing the intelligence, but weighing that intelligence in such a way to say that there's going to be information that's got to shoot up to the top of the list and flash blinking red. >> he directly countered some of his republican critics with lines like, "we are at war agains al qaeda," and then going on calling for bipartisanship, saying that it is time to "come together and work together with the seriousness that national security demands." i take this also as him saying that some of this is sticking, that he realizes that some of these claims that he's soft on terror, they're starting to stick. >> the argumt is that somehow there's been a return to a pre-9/11 mentality or that the u.s. is letting its guard down. there are people like john brennan who have been outspoken, who have worked for more than one administration, republican and democrat, who say that's not
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the case at all, and you heard the president saying that unequivocally, that we are a nation at war. he sounded a lot to me, matt, like president bush after 9/11, for the couple of years after 9/11, saying to both sides of the aisle, look, this is a huge threat to the united states. we have to work together. this cannot become an ideological football here. >> right. >> but this is a sign that this is a president that understands that republicans will use the security issue against democrats. >> and as part of setting right that image that he's a little bit worried about right now, do you expect him to more carefully prioriti in the future? in other words, when he's out across this country speaking about health care and the economy and jobs, in those very same speeches, is he going to be forced to say, oh, and by the way, i am also dealing with the terror threat? >> i think it's a good point, and it is a sign that this issue of terrorism is not one that can be lowered at all on his agenda. it is always right there because it can strike at any time. al qaeda, the arabian peninsula is becoming more of a franchise operation. that's the way al qaeda is
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becoming. it's not a centralized command and control structure that we went to war against right after 9/11. it's changing, it's evolving. the president has to keept on top of the priority list every day. >> we learned yesterday that defense secretary robert gates is going to stick around at least through 2010. how big a deal is that for the administration? >> it's actually a very big deal. it sends an interesting message about not only somebody who served for president bush who's staying on, but just how important gates has become to president obama. initially, he didn't want to stay past a year, but he became so vital in the course of this afghanistan review, i'm told that he would send multiple pages, handwritten memos, personally written memos to the president on which direction he should go in. so, he's become a very close adviser on national security. >> you're heading out west for the weekend for "meet the press." what do you have on tap? >> we've got an exclusive interview with governor schwarzenegger of california. so much happening there, and the view from the states on the economy and health care and all the rest. also, we'll have a debate about the future of this political year with the head of the
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republican and democratic national committees. >> all right. have a good weekend, david, thanks. >> you too, matt. >> it's eightinutes after the hour. here's ann. now more on at accused bomber umar farouk abdulmutallab, scheduled to make a court appearance in detroit. nbc justice correspondent pete williams is there. good morning. >> reporter: ann, good morning to you. he's already been before a federal judge in a hospital room shortly after he was arrested. here at a federal courthouse in detroit, he'll face new charges that could bring him life in prison if he's convicted. u.s. marshals will move him later today from a federal prison about 45 miles away where he's now being held to face new charges, including attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, namely, a bomb, which carries a maximum penalty of life in prison. prosecutors say his bomb could have killed all 289 people on board the flightrom amsterdam to detroit because of the potential explosive force of the chemicals he smuggled on to the plane in his derwear. >> on the airplane --
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>> reporter: "dateline nbc" asked an explosives expert to demonstrate the power of the same amount of material that the fbi says abdulmutallab was carrying. that same force, investigators say, could have produced disastrous results on a plane in flight. the homeland security department says it's working to see that more full-body scanners are deployed in the u.s. and overseas that can help find what's hidden under a passenger's clothes, and it says it will enlist the government's national research laboratories to help develop new technologies. >> so that we can react not only to known threats but also to proactively anticipate new ways by which terrorists could seek to board our aircraft. >> reporter: meantime, the transportation security administration vows to improve its system for making certain that people in airports cannot bypass security, as happened earlier this week in newark, touching off seven hours of chaos. this newly released video shows a tsa officer leaving his post sunday evening. a few seconds later, a man,
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apparently intended to meet an arriving passenger, sees the officer leave and quickly ducks under a barer, improperly entering the secure part of the airport and forcing a shutdown of the busiest concourse. incredibly, it was another passenger, not the tsa, who called attention to the man's improper entry, and these ctures come from continental airlines'cameras, because the camera shared by the port authority and tsa were not working. the man who sneaked in was never found. in a statement, tsa says it will "use this hard lesson to reinforce the sharp focus and tight discipline at all our stations across the country and ensure we maintain the public trust." heren detroit, one question is whether abdulmutallab's father will be in court today. he's the one who told the u.s. back in november that he feared his son was becoming radicalized and had gone to yemen. ann? >> pete williams this morning, thanks. as pete mentioned, the department of homeland security's working to deploy more full-body scanners at airports, but just how much do
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they reveal and are they an invasion of our privacy? we're now going to show you live a demonstration with mark, the vice president of smith's detection, which makes these detectors. mr. louster, good morning. >> good morning, ann. >> people want to know how much detail? because your scanner is one of the ones the tsa is reviewing. >> right. >> how much do they reveal? >> this is designed to bounce harmless radio waves off the body. >> no radiation. >> no radiation. >> and what we're seeing under the body is anomaly, so highlighted areas of concerns. >> so, are genitals revealed? >> you'll see they're masked pretty well with this technology. >> nevertheless, we'll have to blur some of our technology this morning. we have a model. jim has been kind enough -- actually, courageous enough, to come through the machine this morning. we'll still blur out some images. jim's coming through without wearing anything, no contraband. rick is monitoring the machine, so technically, you would be the tsa officer, presumably in
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another room, looking at these images. >> that's correct. >> you can see what they're showing us. basically, the scanner does reveal a great deal, and you are not recording so much, but you are seizing that image. >> this is a realtime image. so as the passenger's moving, we're seeing what's underneath the clothing so the screener sees right away, instead of having to wait, what's underneath. >> jim, while you go now and put some contraband on, we can still look at this image. the question that raises is can this image be replayed, reused, for people concerned about privacy? >> as soon as the passenger leaves the checkpoint, the image is deleted. >> so, the tsa person would need to delete the image? >> absolutely. >> let's find out now -- jim has quickly gotten some contraband on him, we don't exactly know -- we do know there will be some powdering substance on him. jim is making his turn, and the big question now is will this machine find the kind of powdy substance that, of course, caused all kinds of concern after the attempted christmas day bombing.
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let's look at what we revealed with your machine. >> we've got the full image here, and what we're looking for is anomalies, areas of concern. as you can see here, right away we've got something concealed in the back. so, this is a utility knife, something that wouldn't hav been detected by the metal detector -- >> that's fairly clear there. i mean, that's fairly clear. >> absolutely. here we have a plastic knife-cutter here -- >> on his leg, i see. >> that's sometng else that wouldn't have been detected by the metal detector. >> that would not have been detected by a metal detector? >> no. >> why would that be? >> it's just not enough metal. >> i see. >> and here we have an area of concern assimilated explosive device strapped to his body. >> i see. so, what you're seeing is this rectangle up here. >> yeah. >> and in that, we have -- jim, why don't you go ahead and take it out. what we have then is -- so, that material, if it's, for example, hidden in a person's genitals, as we understand was the case according to investigators in the christmas day bombing -- that, by the way, is not an explosive, thank goodness. that's just flour, but any powdering substance would be
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found. >> right. >> a lot of people are concerned about the health risks of this. you mentioned that it's risk-free, that it's safe. right. >> but you know, there are a lot of people who have concern about any kind of risk because they have had breast cancer, they're concerned. are you saying there's absolutely no risk using this machine? >> we had a lot of choices to make when we invested our money into research and development for various types of technology. we felt this was the safest product to bring to market. >> safest. >> right. >> but has it been vetted to be completely safe? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> now, the other concern people will have about their privacy is, for example, is there anything inside your body that would be detected by -- for example, if you had implants or something else like that, would that be detected? >> it's only underneath the clothing, that's all we see. >> so, if a terrorist had actually swallowed something or hidden something inside his or her body, that would not be detected by your machine? >> well, no, not internally, no. >> if this machine is approved, how soon could you get it to the tsa? how soon would it be up and operational? >> we're testing now, so we're
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hoping very soon. it's a process we have to go through and we hope to get it out this year. >> this year. >> early this year, yes. >> earlyhis year, so actually within months. >> right. >> and presumably, we're hearing from the government that if a person decides they don't want to go through this full-body scan, they can also have a patdown. >> they can opt out, yes. >> mark lofstra, thank you very much. and thank you for being our tsa officer and jim, you get the most thanks of all. now let's get the other top stories from natalie morales, in for me at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. bitter cold covering much of the u.s. this morning from colorado to tennessee with parts of north dakota dropping to 31 below during the night. severe weather thursday is blamed for a deadly accident in ohio that killed four people. and it snowed as far south as georgia. weather was a factor this morning in a 27-vehicle pileup in atlanta. four people remain hospitalized this morning after a deadly workplace shooting thursday in st. louis. police say an employee who may
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have been having problems with his pension opened fire, killing three people, then killed himself. overseas markets are mostly higher this morning. cnbc's melissa lee is at the new york stock exchange. melissa, today the focus on jobs once again. >> that's right, natalie. good morning to you. investors are focused on the state of the economy with the jo report for the month of december. investors want to see improvements in the labor markets this year in order to sustain gains from the stock market last year. meantime, reports of some big bonuses at a bank that received a government bailout. some executives at bank of america will get record bonuses this year. the total pool will be at a record, but some executives will get records. remember, bank of america paid back its t.a.r.p. money last month, natalie. >> melissa lee at the new york stock exchange, thank you. and alabama's celebrating a perfect season and a national championship this morning. last night after knocking quarterback colt mccoy out of the game early with a shoulder injury, alabama then went on to beat texas, 37-21 in the bcs title game. first win in 17 years.
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the crimson tide is back. 7:17 right now. let's turn it back over to matt, ann and al. >> congratulations, natalie. >>ongratulations aut alabama. sorry about colt mccoy, though. that would have been more interesting to see what would have happened had he been in the whole game, but that's the way the football rolls. >> roll tide. >> how are you, mr. roker? pretty good. a lot better than our friends in the midwest and plains and even down south, as natalie was telling you. look at these temperatures, afternoon highs. 6 below in fargo, 3 below in omaha, ames 2 below. rest of the country well below normal. the only warm spot is southern california with temperatures in the 70s. here's the good news. this is the current pattern on the jet stream. that arctic jet, the polar jet comes way down to the south. by next week, monday, it retreats a bit up to the north. by midweek it is well up to the north. the subtropical jet comes in and we see, finally, more moderate temperatures. in fact, by the good morning, we had a small snowstorm come through overnight
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and left around 1 to 2 to 2 1/2 inches around the metro area. right now we have some lingering showers around the metro area, in southern maryland getting a lingering snow shower. temperatures are cold, wre in the upper 20s to near 30 degrees and we'll have temperatures hovering right around the freezing mark, with a blustery wind and a frigid weekend coming up. and this is it, of course, on friday, the last time we get to tell you about the crazy wild card saturday! that's right. oh, it's a wacky one. the jets travel to cincinnati. scattered flurries at paul brown stadium, temperatures in the teens, windchills 5 to 10. ooh, my goodness! but out at cowboys stadium, they can bring in that big old retractible roof. it's going to be clear and cold outside, temperatures in the mid-20s as the eagles fly in to
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take on the cowboys. it's wild card saturday. matt? >> all right, al, thank you very much. coming up, some never-before-seen video of that infamous balloon boy incident. the heene family now says it proves the stunt wasn't a hoax. richard heene shares it with us and speaks out
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♪ we're going to talk about some rumors now of another late-night shuffle here at nbc. "the new york times" reporting today that jay leno may be moving back to his 11:35 time slot for a new 30-minute program. in fact, jay poked fun at this situation last night. take a look. >> as you may have heard, there's a rumor floating around we were canceled. i heard it coming in this morning on the radio. >> i heard it too. >> so far, nobody said anything to me, but kev, you know, if we did get canceled, it would give us time to maybe do some
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traveling. >> that would be wonderful. >> in fact, i understand fox is beautiful this time of year. beautiful. >> by the way, nbc issued a statement basically saying "jay leno is one of the most compelling entertainers in the world today. as we have said all along, jay's show has performed exactly as we anticipated on the network. it has, however, presented some issues for our affiliates. both jay and the show are committed to working closely with them to find ways to improve the performance." >> and let's also mention, nbc also released a statement on "conan" as well, "we have the best comedy team in the business. we remain committed to keeping conan o'brien on nbc. he's a valued part of our late-night lineup, as he has been for more than 16 years and is one of the most respected entertainers on television." so, clearly some questions being asked. no answers yet. >> you would think with all our contacts, we'd be able to get some answers. a lot more ahead.
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7:267 is your time right now. 30 degrees. a lovely look at the white house. snow covered, picture perfect out there. tom will have your forecast after the news. it is friday january 8, 2010. this weather is delaying and closing schools all across our area. here's some of the big ones, in maryland, prince george's county, ann arundel county and prince george's county all open
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today. watch your screen for a cplete list of delays and closures. we'll take a break now,
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good morning, we still have some lingering snow showers in southern maryland and through central virginia and here in western maryland, these are moving off to the east at this hour. highs only near freezing and a blustery wind this afternoon. >> a live look along connecticut avenue jammed toward the kensington area where authorities continue to deal with an accident involving an overturned vehicle. and the commutes along 95 and
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395, lighter than normal with the school postponements and cancellations. be careful, it could be a bit slick. >> now back to the "today" show after this short break.
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♪ went to a party in the county jail ♪ 7:30 on a friday morning, the 8th day of january 2010. you're looking at gracelan elvis presley's famous home in memphis, tennessee. we're showing it to you because today marks what would have been the king of rock and roll's 75th birthday. >> hard to believe. >> yeah, it is. inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer alongside ann curry, in for meredith today. do you have a favorite elvis song? >> i think "love me tender," that's my favorite, although i like watching him in "jailhouse rock." >> yeah, i like "heartbreak hotel." a lot of great music.
7:31 am
coming up, we'll look back at elvis's life a how he changed entertainment forever when priscilla presley joins us for an exclusive live interview from graceland. >> it's so cool watching these images. also coming up, josh powell, the husband of missing utah mother susan powell. he's considered a person of interest in her disappearance, but apparently, that's not stopping him from preparing to move out of the state with the couple's two boys. we're going to get reaction from josh powell's sister and brother-in-law in a live interview in a moment. also ahead, las vegas like you've never seen it before. we'll take you behind the scenes with the men and women of sin city's police force. but let's begin this half hour with the latest on the balloon boy incident. richard heene, who begins his jail sentence on monday, is with us for an exclusive live interview, his first since being sentenced. we'll talk to him in a moment, but first, nbc's lee cowan has new video of the incident as it unfolded. >> ready! >> all right. okay. >> reporter: it's never-before-seen video of the heene family building that now
7:32 am
ill-fated flying saucer. >> pretty cool, huh? >> yeah. >> reporter: most of the world saw what happened when the completed balloon broke loose of its tethers. but the heenes now want to share more of what they say is home video from that day, specifically showing what happened after they supposedly learned their 6-year-old son falcon was floating away, too. >> dad, falcon's in there! >> where? >> in the ship! >> he was just here! >> no, he's in there! >> what? >> what? >> he's in there. i saw him crawl in. >> no, he's not. >> yeah! >> he was just here. falcon? falcon? >> no way. >> reporter: the self-made tapes sound pretty real, and so do the ensuing 911 calls from his wife, mayumi. >> we gotta, we gotta get my son! >> reporter: but after the investigators questioned the heenes, they determined it was all a hoax. the heenes pleaded guilty.
7:33 am
they each got jail time. richard heene even apologized to a judge. >> i'm very, very sorry and i want to apologize to -- >> reporter: but richard heene now says that that was the act, not his son's balloon flight. despite the guilty plea, he says he's innocent, telling cnn's larry king he never lied. >> some of the substance you believe your son was in the craft. >> i knew he was in the craft when i called him -- >> you didn't know it. >> no, no, no, in my mind. in my nd. there was no other place, because i visualized him. >> reporter: he says he only took the guilty plea because he says he was afraid he'd be unable to find a fair jury, and there was something more. >> i had to do it to save my faly and my wife. >> how so? >> the threat of deportation was eminent. >> deporting who? >> my wife. >> to where? >> japan. >> i watched the interview, and
7:34 am
frankly, my first reaction was between laughing and throwing up. >> reporter: the larimer county sheriff doesn't buy it. although heene says his wife's poor english meant that she didn't understand what the word hoax meant, police say she understood it well enoug to confess to everything. >> she took a polygraph, she failed it, was confronted with the fact that she failed it and she immediately cooperated and gave up all of the facts. >> reporter: although heene's jail sentence starts on monday, he says he wants to clear his name first. misunderstanding is what he says he's guilty of, and nothing more. for "today," lee cowan, nbc news, los angeles. >> and richard heene with with us now exclusively. mr. heene, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> this is quite a development. let me make sure i understand this. you're saying now that everything you have said regarding your guilt in this case was a lie. the plea deal you accepted was based on a lie. when you stood in front of that judge in a court, the veo we just saw where you got emotional and said you were sorry, that
7:35 am
was a lie. your wife confessing that this was all a hoax and that you told -- you told your children to lie to authorities, that was a lie. is that correct? >> i never said that my children confessed to anything, or you know, i didn't tell them to lie. but the one thing i want to cover, the most important thing of all is the fact that the sheriff's department completely lied. they've got close to 100 and some odd lies that they have presented. the person that should be in jail are the people who are convicting me, and that's the sheriff's department -- >> well, let me ask you -- >> because -- no, no -- >> why would the sheriff's department of larimer county, why would the sheriff, why would they pick on richard heene? >> well, that's the big question in my mind. if you look at the investigative -- the investigation that they presented, i told them for a fact -- i called the faa, i then called 911 and i called for a helicopter thereafter. they have it on tape. just shortly, an hour later,
7:36 am
they're filling out paperwork saying that richard heene said to your affidavit that prior to calling for the 911, he called channel 9 news. that is a lie. and it was on item number 4, item 17 and item 12, i do believe. go ahead. >> you talk about the affidavit. i've got a copy of the affidavit right here. and to me, the most damning part -- and this was filed by the sheriff's department so they could get a search warrant. they go into this part with your wife, mayumi, and basically, they tell her she failed a polygraph test, and then she goes in great detail explaining everything that happened. among the things she said that you planned this for a couple of weeks and that you instructed your three children to lie to authorities as well as the media regarding this hoax. why would she say that? >> she didn't say most of that. if you go through the transcripts and compare it to the actual video, you will find that most of the questions she was asked were yes and no questions and she would either
7:37 am
say yes or no. and so, she would be asked, you know, five, six, nine times the same question before even answering. my wife has difficulty with the american language, which is fine, but she literally was in tears after the interrogation. she walked up to me with this japanese-english dictionary, and she said, i thought the hoax was an exhibition. >> but richard, we were very specific in asking the larimer county sheriff about that, and he said, no, we didn't just ask r yes and no questions. as a matter of fact, once we told her she failed the polygraph, she went off on her own, using her own words in great detail. this wasn't yes, no. even if you misunderstand the word hoax, when you come up with a sense like "we told our children to lie to the authorities and media," that's a different thing. >> yeah, well, the sheriff is a liar, just like heffernan himself. but i do want the audience to know that they lied about the information about the 911. they went out on a press
7:38 am
conference, told the press this, and he knew which order i made those phone calls and he lied to the press. he lied about me coming down to the sheriff's station to pick up this craft. and another thing i want to cover is that they also fabricated evidence. the craft was literally 20 feet wide by 6 feet in the middle, up to 6'9", and it really can hold that much helium. so, what they did was they went and pulled measurements out in the field, and you can see their own photographs where they pulled from the edge to the center. >> right. >> 10 feet. they got it back to the garage and they had new measurements 16 feet across. they then got professor jones from u. let me finish. they got professor jones from csu to come down there and give his opinion -- could a 16-foot craft carry a child? he said no. but he said if richard's measurements were true and correct, the first time he gave them, that could pick up a child. >> richard, these guys -- >> they're trying to hang me. >> this started to unravel for a lot of people that night you went on tv, and in that moment, falcon said the following when asked what all happened, he said
7:39 am
you had said that "we did this for the show." and i think a lot of people watched that and they said he's probably the most innocent person, except your other children as we, in this whole situation, and here in an unguarded, spontaneous moment, he spoke the truth. how do you respond to that? >> well, i asked falcon about that afterward. and anyway, so, after i did the initial press conference, i went inside, opened up the door to my garage, you know, there was like 30 or 40 camera guys, a big garage door shooting inside the garage. i see my two children climbing up into the rafters. a japanese cameraman had asked falcon, could you please show us how you got up into the attic, it's for my tv show. so, my son bradford and him showed them how they get up into the rafters. >> and so, you think that's what falcon was referring to on television, on live television that night. mr. heene, have you done nothing wrong, nothing? when you look back over this whole thing, do you think there's nothing you did to deserve this jail sentence you're going to start serving on monday? >> i've done absolutely nothing
7:40 am
wrong to deserve this. i'm being persecuted i think for the benefit of the sheriff. his term runs out in 2011. he's probably going to run for governor, who knows, but not off my back. >> mr. heene -- >> look, i need to clear my name. i need everybody to know this was not a hoax, absolutely not. and after my ja sentence, i'll say a few more things, but i'd like to know, is the aclu going to talk to me? are they going to contact me about this issue? and perhaps the fbi can investigate aldernan. >> we'll talk to you after you finish 30 days in jail and 60 days i guess work release. thank you for joining us. >> can i say one thing? >> i'm out of time, mr. heene, i apologize. >> all right. >> thank you very much. let's get a check of the weather now from al. and i've got to tell you, this is one of the most inventive signs we've seen in a long time. >> i worked very hard on it.
7:41 am
>> very nice. a cascade. i like it. what's your name? >> chanelle pritchard. >> thank you. let's look at what's happening. today we have some lake-effect snow cranking up, now that the low pressure system is moving, bringing that reinforcing shot of cold air. we're talking 9 to 12 inches of snow in northern indiana, 6 to 9 inches of snow throughout western new york into upstate new york. rain moves into the pacific northwest, sunshine for the plains into the southwest. flurri in west texas on into good morning, we have anywhere from an inch to about 2 1/2 inches of snow overnight, we have some lingering snow showers from washington into montgomery county. here's a potent snow moving east
7:42 am
that will unload an additional half-inch of snow there. temperatures are in the upperer 20s to near 30s. >> and it's your birthday and you were just engaged! all right, well, congratulations. >> thank you. >> and if you want to check the weather for your engagement any time of the day or night, go to the weather channel on cable or online. >> all right. ever have one of those days, al, where you really need a weekend? >> absolutely. okay, coming up, vegas undercover. our cameras tag along with police to see what really happens in sin city.
7:43 am
7:44 am
back now at 7:44. we've all heard the phrase what happens in vegas stays in vegas. well, nbc's chris hansen is pulling back the curtain on what really happens in sin city on "dateline." it's the vegas few people see. for the last year, "dateline" has been undercover behind the scenes as police in vegas couct elaborate surveillance. one is a storefront where they try to lure in crooks and felons seeking to steal goods. we've been watching from the back room as this storefront has
7:45 am
been a revolving door for criminal suspects selling their loot. meet brad young, a six-time convicted felon. >> i'm 29 years old and have been in prison four times. >> reporter: brad will turn out to be one of the shop's best customers, bringing in six cars in six weeks. >> i'll give you $750 for this one. >> reporter: but just as important, he'll spread the word, sending in more thieves, like his girlfriend, alicia napadano. >> are you working right now? do you need rent or what? >> i have never had a job in my life. >> shut up. >> swear. >> how old are you? >> 21. >> you've never had a job ever? burger barn, subway, nothing? >> i never had to. >> reporter: in all, she'll make nine visits to the storefront. >> oh, my god, you're alive! >> this time, it's a stolen bmw. >> and you said it came from a valet? >> yeah. >> reporter: she explains it was stolen from a casino.
7:46 am
>> well, they leave the key in it a lot of times so the valet can drive it and they can walk into the casino. >> what's up? >> reporter: here comes todd mcclary, a friend of brad's, here with two vehicles, one of them a $230,000 bentley. >> i've got it all here, believe it or not. i actually got them [ bleep ] here, and it's been a [ bleep ] nightmare. >> reporter: todd, a 35-year-old carpet layer, explains he's the middleman, not the thief. >> i just coordinate it, man. i just coordinate. >> reporter: after a year of working undercover, vegas cops rounded up the suspects. this is when i get a chance to confront them and show them for the first time they've been caught on "dateline's" hidden cameras. hey, todd, how are you doing? >> hey, how are you doing? >> chris hansen. >> reporter: remember todd mcclary, the guy who calls himself the middleman? >> i just coordinate it, man. >> reporter: unaware he's been caught on tape, he denies everything. have you ever sold any stolen cars before? >> no. >> reporter: do you know anything about stolen car rings?
7:47 am
>> no. >> reporter: there's evidence that you did get involved in selling some stolen cars in an undercover sting operation. >> i was in no part of an undercover sting operation, i don't -- >> i'm not saying you helped police with the sting operation. i'm saying you got caught in a sting operation. >> i've never been caught in a sting operation. >> reporter: well, you're about to be. can i show you some videotape? >> you call it paranoia. i don't deal with that [ bleep ] on a day-to-day basis. >> reporter: that's you, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: you denied it until you saw the videotape. did you just forget about it? >> you knew it. >> yeah, i knew it. >> reporter: how much did you make off of all that? >> not much. there's only a couple times i actually had my hands on the money first, but f the most part -- wow. >> reporter: las vegas metro sheriff doug gillespie says his department's proactive policing, like this undercover operation, is working.
7:48 am
what do you say to criminals who may see this, who have their eyes on las vegas? >> watch out. we're in a lot of different places doing a lot of different things. and you may think you're good at your trade, but we're that much better. and you're going to get caught. >> reporter: vegas undercover will actually be the second "dateline" hour sunday night. first will be an investigation into the terror plot aboard northwest flight 253. in fact, ann, i'm going to run over to the white house right now to do an interview for that hour as well. >> okay, sounds very good. chris hansen, thank you so much. you can see both reports, including "dateline: vegas undercover" this sunday at 7:00 p.m./6:00 p.m. central time on nbc. still ahead, police identify a couple as persons of interest in the disappearance of an 8-month-old baby.
7:49 am
7:50 am
sean goldman, the new jersey
7:51 am
boy caught in the middle of a five-year-long international custody battle, started school on thursday. meredith caught up with sean and his father, david goldman, earlier in the week for her exclusive special airing tonight on "dateline." >> reporter: they look like any father and son playing ball. how could anyone guess how much it means to david goldman to simply have his boy at his side? it has been 5 1/2 years since his now deceased wife took their son, sean, to brazil and never returned. there were so many battles, so many lonely years, but now, finally, father and son are together again. >> we walk around and people say, "welcome home, sean, congratulations, you have a great dad," and he sees that and he's really starting to feel good about it. >> reporter: i sat down with david three days ago to talk to him for the second time since he was reunited with sean.
7:52 am
we've spent more than a year having these conversations. it was a different kind of spirit before, a defiant spirit. what am i looking at now? >> a dad who can be with his son. >> reporter: it's only been a week and a half, but their life at home in new jersey has already settled into a pleasant rhythm. father and son have been palling around. yesterday, sean started school. >> he really was excited. he goes, "when do i go to school?" >> reporter: sean remembers more than his dad expected. >> do you remember that chair? >> yeah. >> reporter: it's the little things that resonate, a chair in the office, teeth marks on a banister. >> yes, remember your teeth! look at you, it's sean. she missed you. >> reporter: for david, it still seems so surreal. all these years he'd kept sean's bedroom frozen in time. >> i spent five years avoiding
7:53 am
this room, and now he's home. he's home. >> reporter: but david's family and friends say sean isn't the only one who's returned to them. >> we get david back, too. >> he's been a mope for five years. now i can -- he's like glowing. >> reporter: sean's brazilian family is still vowing to continue the fight, but david is focused only on sean and the journey ahead. >> and you can watch more of meredith's report tonight on a special two-hour "dateline: bringing sean home: the untold story" at 8:00/7:00 central time here on nbc. and just ahead, we'll take you to graceland for an exclusive interview with priscilla presley on what would have been elvis's 75th birthday. look at that.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:55 is your time now. it is 30 degrees. a live look outside at your nation's capital. good morning, everyone. it is friday, january 8, 2010. in the newss this morning. the weather delaying and closing schools all across our area, here are some of the big ones in marylan maryland. arlington, al -- look for a complete list of closures and delays on your screen.
7:57 am
no major problems have been reported at dulles or b.w.i. marshall airports. you should check with yo
7:58 am
7:59 am
radar showing a large cluster of snow showers moving into stafford county in the next half hour. another snow shower in washington county and northern montgomery county that will be moving into the district in the next hour. >> we have a broken down truck in the middle of eisenhower avenue. a little sluggish crossing the 14th street bridge.
8:00 am
♪ well, bless my soul, what's wrong with me ♪ 8:00 now on a friday morning. it's the 8th day of january 2010. let's say that again, january 8th. it is 75 years ago today that elvis presley, the king of rock and roll, was born. you can bet there are big doings planned all around the country, especially in memphis at his home and now museum, graceland. man, thisuy had a career, didn't he? he had over a billion -- that's with a "b" -- a billion records
8:01 am
sold, 33 hit movies. he was an absolute icon, still is to this day. and coming up this morning, we're going to check in with priscilla presley, the woman who shared so many years and memories with elvis presley. she'll join us live from graceland in just a little while. hello, priscilla. >> it's great to see her and also that side of graceland. also, on a more serious note, the disappearance of susan powell. there is a strange development connected to that case, because her husband josh, who's been designated a person of interest -- in fact, a month after susan's disappearance -- he's the only person designated as a person of interest -- he's now decided to move. and so, we'll be talking to his sister and brother-in-law in just a few minutes about what's developing in that case. >> okay. and later on, on a lighter note, we'll show you how to take your kid's favorite junk food and make it healthier so that they can indulge and not do so much damage. >> good advice. before th, let's go inside. natalie's at the news desk filling in for ann this morning.
8:02 am
natalie, good morning again. >> good morning, matt, ann and al, and good morning to you. the young nigerian who allegedly tried to bomb a u.s. jetliner on christmas day makes a court appearance today. 23-year-old umar farouk abdulmutallab was indicted on charges that could send him to prison for life. federal officials have said abdulmallab would be offered a plea deal in exchange for information about any terror contacts he might have. police say a pension dispute may have led to thursday's deadly shooting spree at a st. louis industrial plant. eight people were shot, three of them fatally, before 51-year-old timothy hendron killed himself. he had sued the company over losses to his retirement account, a case that went to court on tuesday. police in arizona have named two people perso ofnterest in their investigation into the disapprance of 8-month-old gabriel johnson, a baby last seen in late december. police say they are hopeful the child is still alive. more from nbc's george lewis. >> reporter: the search is on for baby gabriel in arizona,
8:03 am
texas, florida and elsewhere. over the holidays, in a chilling text message to the boy's father, gabriel's mother, 23-year-old elizabeth johnson, said she had killed her son. arrested last week in miami, johnson changed her story, saying she gave the baby to an unidentified couple in texas. >> and i think she knows exactly where he's at and knows if he's in good hands. >> reporter: police reports show elizabeth johnson has a record of violent behavior, breaking windows and mirrors in the apartment she shared with her boyfriend. one of the reports mentions that she may have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. in december, she handed gabriel over to jack and tammy smith of scottsdale, arizona, giving them power of attorney to take care of him prior to a possible adoption. >> she signed temporary guardianship over to us. >> at that point, we were just babysitting. >> reporter: police say she later got gabriel back from the
8:04 am
couple and headed to texas, but there's a new twist. in a press release, the tempe, arizona, police department names the smiths persons of interest in their investigation. >> there are some indications that they may have more information than they have shared with investigators up to this point. >> reporter: the smiths have denied any knowledge of gabriel's whereabouts. >> we are not the enemy. we are the people that's doing everything humanly possible to try and make this investigati go smooth. we've been cooperative with the police. >> reporter: the tempe police are asking anyone with information about gabriel to call the national center for mis aeg a missing and exploited children. george lewis, nbc news, los angeles. >> and the hotline number that george talked about is 1-800-the-lost or 1-800-843-5678 if you have any information about little gabriel johnson. the winter storm that brought fierce windchills to the midwest and snow t georgia kept rolling eastward today. in atlanta, a rush hour pileup
8:05 am
this morning involved more than two dozen vehicles. and in ohio, at least four people were killed when a tanker truck slid across a highway median into oncoming traffic. and blinding snow on thursday also closed roads and schools across nebraska. winter has its grip on us all. it is now 8:04 right now. let's get another check of the weather from mr. roker. thank you very much, natalie. got some nice friends here from the mercer museum in doylestown. what's the mercer museum? >> it's how people lived before the civil war. tells you all about how people lived before the civil r. >> hi. >> beautiful. >> okay, check it out. bucks county, pennsylvania. let's see what's happening as far as your weather's concerned. philadelphia, p.a., not too far from doylestown, p.a. nbc 10, some morning flurries, 34 degrees. for the weekend, wet weather in the pacific northwest, frid weather in the plains, lake-effect snows around the eastern great lakes. then on sunday, sunday, more lake-effect snow, good morning, it's still
8:06 am
mostly cloudy and the radar is showing a cluster of some snow showers in culpepper, orange d county s. there is a smaller snow shower in washington county and northwestern frederick county, maryland that's heading off to the south and east. temperatures all around the region are cold. highs are only near the freezing mark. a very cold weekend coming up. >> and that's your latest weather. mr. lauer? >> mr. roker, a couple things i want to share here. first of all, it's this young lady's birthday. she shares elvis's birthday, lives in memphis, tennessee, but more importantly, got engaged. congratulations. >> thank you. >> that's nice. way to go. when we come back, is susan powell's husband gearing up for a move? we'll have the latest on the utah mother's disappearance. howp and grilled shrimp salad combination
8:07 am
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it's a tasty, nutritious way to make this number go up... and help this one go down. v8. what's your number? back now at 8:10. it has been exactly one month since utah mother susan powell's mysterious disappearance, and her husband, a person of interest in the case, is reportedly planning a move. we'll talk to his sister and his brother-in-law in just a moment, but first, nbc's miguel almaguer has the latest. >> reporter: after being gone from his utah home for several weeks, neighbors have noticed activity at josh powell's home in recent days. his brother was seen there tuesday. after losing his job, josh powell is said to be packing up inside, reportedly planning to move. >> i was surprised to hear that. i didn't know that he was going
8:12 am
to move out. >> reporter: police have no suspects in susan powell's disappearance but have named her husband a person of interest. >> at this point, he's free to do whatever he wants, correct? >> that's right. he's still a person of interest. he is still not willing to come in and talk to us. >> reporter: not long after the search for his wife began, powell left their home in utah with his sons and drove to shington state to the family home where he grew up 900 miles away from the search for his wife. his return to utah and continued silence have added to the frustration expressed by police and neighbors. >> he's somebody that i went to church wi, and if he's the leader of his home, where is he? he's not looking for his wife. that much i know. >> reporter: his refusal to talk with detectives or answer any questions regarding his missing wife have led to speculation about his motives. >> both scott peterson, and now, it appears, josh powell have done the exact opposite of what we would expect. in essence, instead of spending
8:13 am
and devoting their time looking for their wife, they're moving on with their lives. >> reporter: police have not been able to verify josh powell's story that he took his boys camping in this remote area after midnight in a snowstorm the morning his wifeent missing. >> was she a runaway? was she kidnapped? could she have been murdered? these are all the choices they have, but it seems that everything centers back on her husband, josh, and on this story that he's used to explain the last night he saw her. >> reporter: now, with no new leads and josh leaving town, police are no closer to finding out what happened to susan powell, the vibrant, young mother of two small children. for "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >> jennifer graves is josh powell's sister. she's with us now along with her husband, kirk. good morning, you two. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> jennifer, can you confirm that your brother is moving, and
8:14 am
if so, where's he going and are you surprised? >> he is indeed moving. he's going to move up to washington and live with my dad right now. no, i'm not really surprised. i'm disappointed. i think he would be better off staying here and supporting the search for susan. >> what is your relationship like with your brother right now? it sounds as though you're really carrying a lot of sadness and confusion. >> i am quite sad right now. the relationship is a little strange right now. >> strange. what about for you, kirk, are there some emotions? as you think about this, it's been a month now since susan's disappearance and josh is the only one named a person of interest. >> clearly, there's a lot of emotion going on, and it vacillates between some
8:15 am
frustration and some anger, but with nowhere to really direct any of that, it goes back to just kind of confusion. we wish something would break and we wish there was more information. >> you actually saw him not long ago. is it true you were actually helping him move? >> we have gone over a couple of times to help him do some packing and things. >> and so, you've seen the children, the two boys, very young boys. how are they doing? >> he actually didn't bring them back with him. the boys are still in washington with my dad. so -- >> do we know anything about how they're doing? >> -- we haven't seen them. we haven't really heard a lot, you know. i think they're doing okay, but we haven't been able to see them for ourselves, so -- >> they have spent some time with their grandpa, which is good. >> do the two of you still have hope? i know, jennifer, you were very close to susan. do you still have hope that she
8:16 am
will be found alive? and if so, what do you want to say about that? >> absolutely. i still have hope. i'm very pleased with the diligence of the police. they have not given up this case. like it was said, it's been one full month now, but they are still working hard on it, and i would like everyone to continue to keep looking, keep -- if there are any even little, insignificant details that they might think of, you know, contact the police. >> all right. well, we've just showed her picture again and again. jennifer and kirk graves, thank you so much, and our best to you. >> thank you. and coming up next, an exclusive live interview from graceland with priscilla presley on this, elvis's 75th birthday. but first these messages. "oh, py you'll never ever pick up a cigarette."
8:17 am
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8:21 am
we are back now at 8:20 on what would have been elvis presley's 75th birthday. thousands are expected to participate in a special celebration at graceland to launch a year's worth of events commemorating his life and legacy. and leading the festivities is his ex-wife, priscilla presley. she's with us now exclusively. priscil priscilla, nice to see you, as always. how are you doing? >> well, thanks, matt. >> i want to ask you about elvis and graceland. give me a lay of the land. what room are you in right now at graceland? >> well, right now i'm in the living room. so, if you can see in the back, this is actually a real fun area that we all used to gather in, and then right in front of me is the dining room. >> you know, when we lose an icon at an early age, like elvis and others come to mind like james dean and marilyn monroe and jfk, that person is forever frozen in our collective memories at the age that they were when they died.
8:22 am
do you ever -- have you wondered over the years what elvis would have been like as he got older, what he would have been like, for example, at 75? >> absolutely. i think that's probably one of the first questions people ask is, you know, what would he be doing now or, you know, what would his life be? and i think, you know, elvis would always be a part of music, no matter what. i mean, it was in his blood. i don't know if he'd be doing rock and roll right now, but think that maybe he'd be going into gospel, maybe even preaching little bit. he loved to have, you know, he loved to teach and he loved the bible. i don't know, you know. it's interesting. i do know that he would always be dedicated to his music, that's for sure. >> it may sound like an odd question, priscilla, but do you think it would have been possible for him to have remained as popular in life as he has remained in death? >> you know, he gave us so much, matt. he honestly did, with his movies, of course, and with his concerts, with his touring. i can't see him ever stopping
8:23 am
that i mean, that was truly who he was. he was born to be the entertainer that he was, and i can't imagine life without him as being larger than life. he lived a larger than life, you know, life. so, i can only imagine that -- >> just the way people react to hearing the name elvis after all these years gives you an indication that they would have still gone crazy for him no matter what. let me give you an idea of the things you have planned at graceland, not only today, but throughout this coming year. >> well, my goodness, we have -- this is a whole year celebration. we've got some events coming up. we've got new exhibits that we have actually right now and will have throughout the year. we have the memphis to tupelo. we're tracking his life and when he was a young boy -- i'm sorry, tupelo to memphis. and we have a few this that we have in that exhibit. we have a beautiful exhibit with his costumes, his stage costumes, his jumpsuits.
8:24 am
we have about 30 of those. and it's ongoing throughout this year that we'll have new things, new exhibits all the time, always new this year. so, it's going to be a big celebration. >> i know you have a couple things from the exhibits. for example, is it true that elvis in the 1960s had a cell phone? >> well, you're looking at it right now. this is -- you know, the's a cute little story that goes to this. we saw -- he was a big james bond fan with sean connery, and i don't know if you remember, but this was probably -- this is like a prototype in one of the movies, and elvis absolutely went nuts over this and wanted to know about if there was something like this available. and sure enough, he got the first one. and you can see, we traveled in the car, in the limo with this, and people -- he'd be driving by d be on the phone and there would be a lot of second takes about, you know -- >> i would imagine. >> is that a phone? is that a phone? can you imagine? >> come a long way, because i know there's an iphone
8:25 am
application now for elvis and all things elvis. and i know you also have there, priscilla, you've got a report card. i think it's from third grade, is that right? >> this is a third grade report card in tupe. it was actually a very good report card. if you look at it, he had excellent in just about everything except two things, math -- or arithmetic -- and science. but it looks like he picked up, you know, toward the end of the year. so, he had great comments. he was a really good student. teachers really liked him. he was very, you know, elvis was quite shy as a little boy, so he excelled, actually, he did. >> before i let you go, is there one place at graceland that if you can have some privacy that you like to go, your favorite room that really reminds you of elvis? >> oh, my gosh, this whole place reminds me of elvis. i mean, i'm sitting here right now in front of the staircase, and i can visualize him coming down that staircase every time i
8:26 am
come in. his spirit is definitely here. we used every single room in this house -- dining room, living room. you know, we lived the life here. so, it's -- his spirit is definitely here. for joinin thank you very much our time right now is 8:26, and we have a lot of sunshine out there making the day look very beautiful, with snow around. it's 3deees. goodod morning, i'm joe krebs. and in the news for today, because of the snow some school closings and delays. prince george's and montgomery county are operating on a two-hour delay. ary fax county, arlington county and loudoun cons alcounties on two-hour delay. we'll have a complete list of
8:27 am
closures and delays running on the bottom of your which is fantastic. we'll have them over for a friday night pizza. it's just our way of entertaining without going out. this is where all the magic happens. this is where i knead the dough, make the pizza. by using my card, i get the specials, the real deals, and it saves me money. the win-win is that we get to visit with our friends, the kids get to visit with their friends, and it's great food.
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more savings, more rewards. every time you shop. only with your giant card. we save money, and that works for me. we have a cluster of snow showers that is moving through culpepper county. another little snow shower out in southwestern loudoun county. highs only in the low 30s this afternoon. an additional passing snow shower this morning. >> teem to take a life look along i-270. we may have some ice on the ramps. over on 95 northbound as you
8:29 am
make the trip north up toward the capitol beltway moving very nicely and for the most part cleared roads. >> stay with us throughout the morning for continuing coverage of this winter weather and the very
8:30 am
8:00 -- sorry, 8:30 now on a friday morning. >> 9:00! >> wow, i just went into a time warp. 8:30 on a friday morning. it's the 8th day of january 2010. these people have been braving some kind of wintry weather here, a wintry mix in the
8:31 am
northeast. blue skies now, but we've had some snow over the morning, and we thank them for sticking around. out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with ann curry, filling in while meredith's taking a day off. got mr. roker and ms. morales here as well. and coming up, how's this for a question -- would you set aside a year of your life to truly change your life? >> sure. >> oh, gosh, i'd love to if i could afford the opportunity. we have a woman who did. her name is gretchen rubin. i know, you were setting us up. >> i was hoping you would just pick that up. >> i'm supposed to say now that there's a woman named gretchen rubin. she's written a blog about having done that. and month by month, she wanted to explore what makes a person happy, and she basically tested -- a very, very smart woman, once worked for sandra day o'connor. anyway, she's now written a book about these 12 months, and basically, they tell us a lot about what truly makes us happy, matt, including questions that come out -- >> thank you. thanks for hanging in there with
8:32 am
me. >> that was a treacherous path there. >> cue ann. >> also -- >> cue al! >> smooth open. >> this is one for the record books. coming up this sunday, it's a new "chuck"! that's right. let's bring in the star of "chuck," the nerd turned spy, zachary levi. >> hi, zachary, nice to see you. >> coming up on sunday -- >> we love you! >> i love you. >> and it's no more mr. nice spy. this geek turned spy. you get an upload, an upgrade -- >> i do. >> and you've got some new powers. >> yes, the new intersect is the computer in my head, kind of, and i get the new version, the 2.0, and it gives me all these abilities, you know, like kung fu and playing musical instruments and speaking different languages. >> ooh. >> when you heard you were going from mr. nerd to bond, james bond, what was your reaction? because that meant in some ways a different character, but in some ways not. >> yeah, you're absolutely right, although he's still the same nerd at heart. no matter how good he gets at being a spy, he's still a nerd
8:33 am
at heart, which is like myself, so i love that. i'm very excited. every boy and girl that drives up dreaming of shooting bad guys and driving the cars. >> being the tough guy. >> yeah, and i get to be the tough guy. it's fun. >> and your fans on this show literally stood up and they wrote to the network and sent letters and they said we want this show to be around, and that's a pretty nice thing -- >> and they're wearing the hats on the plaza this morning. >> we have the best fans in the world and they're really very smart. they started this whole grassroots campaign where they went and patronized subway, who's one of our main sponsors, and they all bought foot-long sandwiches on the night of our finale last season and it resonated with subway, with nbc. >> so, are you planning on paying them back now? >> free sandwiches for everybody! >> free sandwich! >> al said that, not me. i didn't say that. yeah, yeah. >> well, it's a lot of fun. i actually saw the premiere on an american airlines flight this
8:34 am
week. >> oh, nice. >> yeah, nice, a little preview. >> synergy, baby, synergy. >> it was fun. >> he did not leave. he stayed right in front of the set. >> in fact, i went through all the commercials. >> thank you, thank you. >> zachary levi. >> thank you, guys, very much. >> good luck. >> the premiere is sunday, good morning, sunshine in washington after the overnight snow but elsewhere it's cloudy and snow getting snow in frederick county, into montgomery county, another larger batch of snow in stafford and eastern orange county and these are heading off to the south and east into the northern neck of virginia. temperatures are cold, below freezing all around the area. highs today only around freezing, snow showers in and out and morning snows ending. by the way, we are back
8:35 am
here, and al, thank you for the weather, and i want to show people the "people" magazine extra "new year new you" edition. cindy crawford on the cover. but that's not why i'm holding it. because inside -- >> ooh, oh. >> there is a lovely picture of our very own ann curry. >> the one and only. >> and this is all about celebrities and the things they do to stay grounded, connected, relaxed, things like that. >> balanced. >> balanced. and ann, as i'm sure you know by now, takes her camera everywhere, takes extraordinary photographs, is featured in there. ann, that's great. congratulations. >> i don't know why they would include me in a celebrity magazine, but i think it's a great opportunity to think about what do we do that makes us happy, makes us laxed. and for me, a lot of times we go to the stories that are so tough, taking the camera lets me stop time, and really, i think, give voice as much as i can to these people who we meet in these stories. >> you had a couple of really, really well-received shows -- >> exhibits as well, yeah. >> -- exhibits for your photography. >> i find there's a new way of reporting. when you get a large number of
8:36 am
people, something like 2,000 people in two days go through the exhibit in palm beach. it's a new way of reporting when you can talk about and give voice to these people who really need a voice. there's the dalai lama and the nbc news producer putting on his makeup. but i hope everyone finds it -- >> the images capture so much more sometimes than the video lens, so -- >> it stops time. >> it does. >> and i think we all wish we could do that. >> no offense to ms. crawford. go pick up the magazine for ms. curr okay? >> thanks, guys. >> all right? anyway, we're goingead over to the rink in a second. we're going to go check out a hopeful for the u.s. figure sk
8:37 am
8:38 am
this morning on "today's countdown to vancouver," we're just 35 days away from the opening ceremony for the winter olympics. more importantly, though, for
8:39 am
rachel flat flat, the young lady standing next to me, we're only a week away from the u.s. national figure skating championships. that competition determines who will skate on the olympic team. rachel joins us right now. how are you? good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm great, butut you are 17 d you are trying to make your very first olympic team. what wouldhat mean to you? >> it would mean everything, you know. it's an incredibly exciting year for me. you know, i'm certainly looking forward to nationals and hopefully the olympics, but you know, i have to train hard and make sure i do my job. >> when you are this close to a major competition like the national championships, what's going through your mind? how do you prepare? >> you know, i just do what i always do, make sure i stay focused on what i've trained and make sure that i, you know, i have fun while i'm doing it, you know. what more can you ask for at this point? >> you have been having fun doing this since you were 4, right? >> yep. >> 4 years old, balancing skating and school. it's a tough juggling act, isn't it? >> absolutely. you know, time management is definitely a crucial skill at
8:40 am
this point. but you know, i'm learning to balance it. it's been an incredible year so far, but i'm sure it will get better. >> i know you've been working a little with dorothy hamill recently. she's someone i actually went to the early part of high school with before she took off for the olympic team. so, she can be a great mentor, i would imagine. >> absolutely. she has so many life experiences and she's had wonderful tidbits of advice for me over the years. so, it's been fabulous working with her. >> well, gd luck next week, but you're going to perform for us right now. >> yep. >> okay. you can head to the center of the ice and i'll say, ladies and gentlemen, rachael flatt. ♪
8:41 am
♪ tell me what you see, you ain't seen the best of me yet ♪ ♪ give me time, i'll make you forget the rest ♪ ♪ i've got more to me and you can set it free ♪ ♪ i can catch the moment, don't y you know who i am, remember my name ♪ ♪ i'm gonna live forever, i'm gonna learn how to fly ♪ ♪ fame, i'm gonna learn forever, baby remember my name ♪
8:42 am
♪ baby hold me tight, because you can make it right, you can shoot me straight to the top, give me love and take all i've got ♪ ♪ too much is not enough ♪ remember my name, i'm gonna live forever, i'm gonna learn how to fly ♪ ♪ i feel it coming together, people see me and cry, fame ♪ ♪ i'm gonna make it to heaven, light up the sky like a flame ♪ ♪ fame, i'm gonna live forever,
8:43 am
baby remember my name ♪ ♪ >> rachael flatt. thank you very much. good luck at the at&t figure skating championships. coverage begins next saturday, january 16th, right here on nbc. and nbc's olympic coverage begins with the opening ceremon. we'll be in vancouver for all the action. up next, what you can learn from one mom's
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> announcer: "today's moms" is brought to you by walmart. save money. live better. walmart. ♪ grays skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face ♪ back now at 8:45.
8:46 am
this morning on "today's moms," the pursuit of happiness. a city bus might seem like an unlikely place to have an epiphany, but for gretchen rubin, a cross-country bus ride on a rainy day changed her life. here's her story in her own words. ♪ >> once upon a time, but not very long ago, my daughter was too little to walk to school. so, we rode the city bus. each morning i tugged her along the sidewalk to the bus stop. each morning i gazed impatiently down third avenue while she stared in ecstatic wonder at the treasures in the drugstore window. i didn't particularly mind riding the bus, but i viewed each day off as a great treat. until one morning. "look, mommy, look, a dog!" she exclaimed as she pointed out the window at an ordinary dog on a leash. then suddenly, it hit me -- this bus ride was it.
8:47 am
this was parenthood. this was the childhood of my darling girl. this was life itself. one day -- and that day probably wasn't too far away -- we'd no longer be riding the bus together, and i was frittering this time away. from then on, every morning i thought thank goodness, another day to ride the bus. >> and gretchen rubin joins us now, author of "the happiness project: or why i spent a year trying to sing in the morning, clean my closets, fight right, ad aristotle and generally have more fun." gretchen, good morning. >> good morning. i'm very happy to be here. >> and yet, still there are tears in your eyes just now watching this, because it's very true to what you're feeling, what we actually i think a lot of women are feeling. >> that's exactly right, and one of the things i wanted to do in my "happiness project" was do things like clean my closets, but also find a way to think
8:48 am
about the values like what it meant to be a parent and embrace the moment, because it's hard to sometimes keep track of those things when you're in the tumult of everyday life. >> we should tell people you started a blog in doing this, and essentially, you took every month at a time and you set these major resolutions and these little resolutions to sort of test them, to see what worked, what makes us happy. for example, in january, you basically, the effort was to boost energy. february's theme was to remember love, in other words marriage. so, is this how all this worked? >> it did. i thought about all of the things in my life i needed to work on to be happier. i realized i'm a grown-up now and if i wanted things right, i need to take charge. so i thought of all the areas where i wanted to do better and set little resolutions to try to make concrete changes and worked through them month by month, and the thing was, it turns out, if you do all those things that you tell yourself that you ought to do, you really can be happier. >> mm-hmm. and it seems like the bottom
8:49 am
mi line is the mindfulness you talk about in the tape, this idea of living in the present moment and sort of being grateful for it, that that really ultimately was the thing for you. >> that's exactly right. and unfortunately, in my case, i'm a very unmindful person, so this was a huge challenge for me, because mindfulness pervades everything, everything from being mindful of what you eat to being mindful of your gratitude for your great family. >> can i tell you something crazy? this idea of being mindful of what you eat, to think of the place where the salad may have been grown, to be grateful for -- >> yes. >> you're connecting with this -- i mean, it sounds kind of weird to me, but this idea sort of makes the food taste better. >> exactly. and there's also this idea of the more you think about and embrace what you're doing, then you can make choices that really bring your own vues into the forefront of your life, and that's when you're happier, is when you think that the way you're living every day in your ordinary life is a reflection of how you really want it to be. >> you tested every month every one of these resolutions to sort of see how they work.
8:50 am
how did you test them? >> well, i would set myself a resolution and try it. one thing i did not think would be true is the example that novelty and challenge would bring happiness. i like to eat the same every day and don't like to travel. so i tested the blog and the scientists are right and novelty and challenge were, i now believe, a major source of happiness. >> meanwhile, people across the country have followed your lead, creating their own happiness projects. your book is a result of that blog, already on the best-sellers list. gretchen rubin, congratulations on your path to happiness, inspired by your daughter and that bus ride, h meant that more people might now have that chance. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and the book is called "the happiness project." still ahead, how to make
8:51 am
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well, we're kicking off what is arguably the most exciting weekend of nfl action of the enre season tomorrow with a pair of wild card saturday games. so, it's the perfect time to check in with a legendary nfl coach and member of nbc's ootball night in america" team, tony dungy. coach, good morning. >> hey, matt. >> nice to see you. >> great to be with you, thank you. >> i'm going to put you on the spot, get predictions in a second, but i want to start by
8:53 am
talking a little about you. you're a legendary coach. you're a life coach for a lot of people. you spent a lot of time with young men and also athletes who find themselves in a position of needing redemption. why do you think you're well suited for that? >> it's something i've always been interested in. i had a lot of guidance growing up from my dad and coaches and other people, and i think guidance is so important, and for a lot of guys, that's the only thing missing, just a little bit of direction. >> one of the places i saw you, and i was a little surprised at the time, but when michael vick was reintroduced to football this year after serving time in prison for the dogfighting ring, there you were standing next to him. do you think he has truly changed as a person? is he deserving of the second chance he's being given? >> i think he really is. i think he was impacted, i think, not just by going to prison, but by having young boys send him letters -- hey, what happened to you, why aren't you playing? to have to tell that story, i think it really affected him. >> critical conditioniynics saw
8:54 am
to him and said michael vick is using a guy with an impeccable reputation to look better in the public. did you worry about that? >> i didn't because i thought i could help michael, and he has adjusted well. people will say, well, he hasn't had a big impact on the field, he doesn't play that much for philadelphia, but what he's doing off the field, what's happened with his family has been tremendous. >> i've got three young children, two of them boys. one of them is sports obsessed. what's the best piece of advice you could give to a parent to help develop the right kind of attitude and sportsmanship in young athletes so that they advance and have the right attitude as they get further? >> the biggest thing i think you could tell him is, hey, you're only going to be allowed to play as long as you do well in school and use that carrot of playing to help them academically and other ways. and so often -- i've got a son like that, too, that is sports obsessed, loves football, but you have to build the other parts of their life as well. >> i try and also talk to my sons about the positive role models in sports, becse you
8:55 am
know what happens, tony, is they only hear about the negative stories, the michael vicks of the world and the gilbert arenas of the world. so, it's very hard because the messages are pouring in at these kids. >> there are, but there's a lot of positive ones. i was so glad that my sons got to kind of grow up on the sideline, be around the team, and they'd see the other 52 that are doing great things and that are super positive, and that would offset the one negative story they'd see. >> a lot of people would say you left the sidelines at the height of your career and you walked away from multimillion dollar contracts. do you miss it at all, any second thoughts? >> i don't. i'm enjoying what i do, and there are a lot of young men especially that need a little bit of guidance, and i've had time now to do that and do other things and charity things, and i still, on "football night on america," i get my fix of football. >> yeah, and we're happy to have you as part of that. so, i'll put you on the spot because they do on the air. who's going to come out of this weekend? most importantly, who are we going to see in the super bowl? >> i have to go with indianapolis. that's my team. >> yeah, sure. >> and i'm taking a long shot and saying maybe green bay
8:56 am
packers. i think somebody's going to get hot in the nfc. our time right now is 8:56 on this friday, the 8th day of january. in the news for today, we have snow. we got some sunshine as well. 30 degrees already and this weather, the snow that we had overnight has caused school closings and delays, prince george's, ann arundel county fairfax county are running on a delay. falls church, prince william and loudoun county are on a two-hour delay. you can watch your screen for a list of all the delays and list of all the delays and closures.
8:57 am
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radar showing a cluster of snow showers snowing in southern prince williams county. it's heading off to the east southeast and maybe laying down about an inch of additional snow. there's one little flurry up in parts of northern montgomery county, western howard and southeastern frederick county in maryland. temperatures are still very cold, just in the 20s to near 30
8:59 am
degrees. we have seen gusts near 30 miles an hour in the blue ridge and the panhandle of west virginia. and we'll have some sunshine in and out as well. a very cold weekend coming up. how's the traffic, jerry? >> time to take a look down. there had been a report of an accident just before -- making the trip along 395 northbound, as you head for the 14th street bridge, looks like all travel lanes are open. >> stay with us throughout the morning for continuing coverage of the winter weather and the very latest
9:00 am
back now with more of "today" on a friday morning. it's the 8th day of january 2010. still some snow flurries in the air, although nothing major. not enough to get these people to take off and head for shelter. they've been out with us all morning and we thank them. it's awfully nice of them. i'm matt lauer along with ann curry, filling in while meredith is taking a little time off, although meredith wouldn't be here at this time. and al roker and natalie's inside. we'll check with her in a second. coming up this half hour, a tragic story in south florida. after partying out o the town
9:01 am
on new year's -- or celebrating the new year -- 26-year-old paula sliduski was never seen again. her body actually found in a dumpster in north miami. we're going to hear from her sister and get the latest on the investigation in just a couple of minutes. >> very sad. on another note, earlier this morning, we heard from richard heene, the father of the so-called balloon boy. he made some very strong statements and surprising statements in his remarks to you, matt. so, we're going to hear what he had to say before he begins his jail sentence. basically, he says that there are others who lied, that he -- >> the entire sheriff's department he says lied. he says the sheriff lied and everybody that created evidence. >> so, that's making news. >> going to be interesting when he checks himself into county jail. >> that's probably true. and we'll go house hunting. whether you're looking for a charming country house or a fully renovated 1920s classic,
9:02 am
our own brick house, barbara corcoran -- >> oh! >> -- has found some great homes for sale for under $500. >> i always like that segment. let's go inside right now. natalie's filling in for ann at the news desk with the headlines. >> good morning to you. president obama has ordered sweeping changes to prevent the kind of intelligence failures that nearly led to a christmas day catastrophe. after receiving a detailed report on the attempted bombing of a detroit-bound jetliner, the president said numerous agencies failed to put together information they already had about the suspect. meanwhile, umar abdulmutallab, the man accused of trying to bomb that plane on christmas day, will be arraigned today in detroit. we have more now from nbc justice correspondent pete williams. >> reporter: facing new charges, including attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, namely, a bomb, which carries a maximum penalty of life in pris. prosecutors say his bomb could have killed all 289 people on
9:03 am
board the flight from amsterdam to detroit because of the potential explosive force of the chemicals he smuggled on to the plane in his underwear. >> on the airplane -- >> reporter: "dateline nbc" asked an explosives expert to demonstrate the power of the same amount of material that the fbi says abdulmutallab was carrying. that same force, investigators say, could have produced disastrous results on a plane in flig. the homeland security department says it's working to see that more full-body scanners are deployed in the u.s. and overseas that can help find what's hidden under a passenger's clothes. meantime, the transportation security administration vows to improve its system for making certain that people in airports cannot bypass security, as happened earlier this week in newark, touching off seven hours of chaos. this newly released video showed the tsa officer leaving his post sunday evening. a few seconds later, a man, apparently intending to meet an arring passenger, sees the officer leave and quickly ducks
9:04 am
under a barrier, improperly entering the secure part of the airport and forcing a shutdown of the busiest concourse. incredibly, it was another passenger, not the tsa, who called attention to the man's improper entry, and these pictures come from continental airlines' cameras, because the cameras shared b the port authority and the tsa were not working. the man who sneaked in was never found. in a statement, tsa says it will "use this hard lesson to reinforce the sharp focus and tight discipline at all our stations across the country and ensure we maintain the public trust." >> and that report was from nbc's pete williams. new figures "today" show the nation's unemployment rate holding at 10% in december. that's unchanged from the month before. the economy lost 85,000 jobs in december. richard heene, the man who pleaded guilty to the so-called balloon boy hoax in colorado, starts his 90-day sentence on monday. that will be 30 days in jail and 60 days on work release. and earlier on "today," he told matt he doesn't deserve to be
9:05 am
behind bars and he blames the local sheriff. >> i've done absolutely nothing wrong to deserve this. i'm being persecuted i think for the benefit of alderden. he's probably going to run for governor, who knows, but not off my back. look, i need to clear my name. i need everybody to know that this was not a hoax, absolutely not. >> well, his wife, hmayumi heen, was also sentenced to 20 days in jail. bitter cold from colorado to tennessee with parts of north dakota dropping to 31 below during the night, and severe weather thursdays blamed for a deadly accident in ohio that killed four people. it snowed as far south as georgia. and from snow to adorable polar bears. a 3-month-old polar bear cub has made her debut at a zoo in western japan. she's just now starting to walk and having a ball, we're told, growing some teeth, doing some wrestling with a little plastic
9:06 am
polar bear. zoo officials hope that soon she'll be able to start eating solid food. that is just precious. it's five minutes past the hour now. back out to matt and ann. got to love the polar bears. >> aww. that was so cute, natalie. >> about another three weeks. all right, let's get a check of the weather. >> that's right, with al. that's right, we're here in front of what used to be the rockefeller center christmas tree, a 76-foot-tall, 10-ton norway spruce, now has been taken down, but it is going to live on, thanks to habitat for humanity. they're going to use this tim per king 2,000 to start milling this bad boy. it will be used in a habitat for humanity home in stamford, connecticut. tom paul is with habitat for humanity and let me ask you, what are they going to be doing? where will this wood go in that house? >> this wood is going to be part of a new home in stamford, connecticut. we've already got the site work done and we'll be building that over the next year. >> this is the third year you've
9:07 am
used the wood from the tree. >> tishman's fire has donated the tree the last few years. the first year was in mississippi, last year in new york city and now this year to connecticut. >> tom, let me ask you, what is the process for the milling of this? >> actually, you're going to cut two by fours here, and the two by fours are going to be stored at a lumber yard, and when the project is ready to resume, we'll give it to habitat and they're going to build away. >> as ken alluded, what's really fitting, this tree came from connecticut and it's going into a habitat home in stamford. >> yeah. we think it's terrific that it's staying in the region here. the fact that the family's here with us today, and you know, it's a good story and it's the right thing to do with this great tree. >> that's terrific. you guys do great work. and our condolences to the rockefeller center family on the loss this week of david murbach, who dedicated so much of his life to the greenery and this tree here in rockefeller center. >> thank you very much. he graced this plaza for 26
9:08 am
years with beautiful trees and brought millions of smiles to millions of people, but i know he's with us today, and what good morning, it's a cold winter mornings underway in the wake of snow around the metro area, there's still snow falling in southern prince william county and all across stafford county and the eastern spotsylvania county. maybe laying down a quick inch of snow, elsewhere just a few flurries in northern montgomery county and howard county. windchills are down to single digits farther west and north. winds are picking up. >> in fact, i just bought me a timber king 1,000, because they're on sale. it's great. natalie? >> i know you're having fun with that. thank you, al. now to a more serious story, a tragic story out of miami. a beautiful woman on vacation with her boyfriend for new
9:09 am
year's eve winds up dead. no arrests have been made. we're going to hear from her sister about what she thinks happened that night in just a moment, but first, more on the story now from nbc's kerry sanders. >> reporter: 26-year-old paula sladeewski was a sometimes model who posted her photos on she was also a sometimes exotic dancer who split her time between michigan and california. she came to south florida with her boyfriend for new year's and partied for days. on sunday, the partying continued until 7:00 a.m. at a downtown miami night spot. paula, who once appeared in a playboy video, reportedly got into a fight at the nightclub with her boyfriend, 34-year-old kevin klimm. he says he left whe the bouncers forced him out. she stayed behind, and he claims he never saw her again. almost 12 hours later, paula's body was found in a dumpster, burned beyond recognition. paula's older sister, kelly farris. >> she was full of life.
9:10 am
she was beautiful. she cared about everybody. i spent christmas with her and it would be the last christmas i ever get to see her again. >> reporter: paula's adult life was defined by drama and turmoil. police say she had been accused of domestic violence, as had her boyfriend. klimm had been charged with beating her. when the self-described laborer was jailed for allegedly punching her in the face, she bailed him out. north miami police say klimm is not a suspect. >> he's been cooperating with us. he's been answering questions with us. and he's considered a person of interest, as would anyone that last saw paula alive. >> reporter: paula's mother and stepfather are devastated. >> to go to a club and just he a good time and end up in a dumpster like a piece of garbage, you know, i just want some answers. i just -- i just need somebody to come forward and let me know the least littlest thing.
9:11 am
>> reporter: they say now all they have to hold and hug are their daughter's two yorkies. >> we're going to keep these. these are my baby's doggies. >> reporter: investigators have secured a surveillance video from the club here, but they say the quality's poor and it hasn't revealed much. they're hoping it can be enhanced to solve the mystery who murdered paula sladewski. for "today," nbc news, miami. >> and we'll speak to her sister kelly farris. heavy greasy food that's hard on my diet... and my digestive system. so i eat activia light every day. activia light, with bifidus regularis is clinically proven to help regulate your digestive system. mmmm. the new taste is better than ever. and with only 70 calories activia light helps make it easier to watch my weight. it helps me feel good and look good too! ♪ activia! and now winter skin can be too. discover relief from dry, uncomfortable skin... with skin relief moisturizing lotion.
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ugh! [ slurps ] not bad, baby. [ female announcer ] we'll take over your computer and your problems. get 24/7 geek squad online support. only from best buy. we're back now with more on the story of the 26-year-old model, paula sladewski murdered in miami during a new year's eve vacativacation with her boyfrie. so far, no arrests have been made. joining us exclusively are kelly farris, paula'ster, and lieutenant neal cuevas of the miami police department. good morning to you both. thanks for joining us during a very difficult time for you, kelly. >> thank you. >> tell me a little bit about
9:15 am
your sister. what was she like? i know you described, as we heard in the story, that she was full of life. >> yes, she was full of life, she was caring, she was kind, she was generous. you always see her smiling, always. everybody who ever knew her loved her. she was a great, great person. she had no enemies. she loved to travel, she loved her dog, she loved barbies. she was a real girly girl. we took a lot of trips together, a lot of vacations together, and she always called me sister. she never called me by my first name it was always "hi, sister." and to me, she was just a little girl. >> i know you had a close relationship, so again, we're so sorry for you. i know that paula and her boyfriend had had a fight that new year's eve and he had left her at the club that they were at that night, and then later,
9:16 am
her body was found in a dumpster. what more do you know about that night? what are you being told? >> i really don't know anything other than what everybody else knows. i know that, you know, he left her there, and i believe it was 15 minutes later that she had left, and i think she trusted the wrong person to maybe bring her back to the hotel. >> i know you don't suspect kevin. he is, as the police say, a person of interest, though, not a suspect, and he is cooperating with police, but they have had a volatile relationship in the past, including incidents of domestic violence. and in fact, she had texted in the past to a family member that she thought he was trying to kill her. did you know that their relationship had gotten that extreme? >> yeah, i knew there were ups and downs, but the relationship was really good when neither one
9:17 am
of them were drinking. that was mostly when they were both drinking that it got to that extreme, and i know that he loved her and i know that she loved him. and other than him leaving her, which he shouldn't have done, you know, i know that he didn't kill her. >> lieutenant cuevas, let me ing you in. are there any new leads in the investigation? >> no. we don't have any new leads, and what we're looking for is to identify and locate anyone that might have had contact with her during the hours that her boyfriend last reported seeing her, which is 7:00 sunday morning and 9:00 in the evening when we found her body. >> and what -- how should people, if they do have information, how can they get in contact with you? >> well, they can call the north miami police department directly at 305-891-8991 or call the dade
9:18 am
county crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. we do have a deranged, sadistic killer out there that's preying on vulnerable women and we need to locate this person as soon as possible to avoid a similar occurrence. >> wow, that is something certainly to be aware of. and i know, as we mentioned really quickly, that you do not believe kevin is a suspect right now. he is cooperating with police. he's volunteered to take a polygraph test and he plans to do that? >> that will be up to the investigators and his attorney. he is classified at this moment as a person of interest, as would anyone who last had contact with her and absent any other evidence to elevate them to a suspect. that's what their classification is. >> well, we appreciate you all, once ain, coming on with us this morning during very difficult circumstances. ly farris, and again, our condolences, and lieutenant neal cuevas, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and we'll be back after this. this season, there are more reasons than ever...
9:19 am
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♪ she's a brick house this morning on "today's real estate," affordable homes for under $500,000. from the sunny beaches of florida to the slopes of utah, we've got some homes that may just be what you're looking for. our brick house, barbara corcoran, is here to show them to us. barbara, good to see you again. >> good morning, al. >> now's the time to buy. let's get started. augusta, maine, a restored farm house priced at $64,900. >> it's sweet and cheap. it's the only one with a river running through it. it's also home to the world's largest lobster roll, 50 feet long, 54 pounds of meat. there's ththere's the yellow fa with a nice front porch on a dead end street. it's got crown moldings,
9:22 am
hardwood floors, formal book cases, formal dining room with a fireplace. >> do people like a dead end road? >> it used to be an advantage, but now people worry about their kids being snatched up, so dead end has turned into a bad -- actually, a bad word in the real estate business anymore. >> all right. let's head to richmond, virginia, now. we've got a four-bedroom house priced at $269,500. >> and this is a pretty house, too. richmond, i should mention, is home to the seven fortune 500 companies and the university of richmond. why i mention that is it means there are lots of jobs there. this house was built in 1920. it looks it. it has lots of charm and it's been fully updated, so the charm of old, but all the amenities of what's good and new. >> sweet. >> arches, columns, original glass doorknobs, the staircase. there's the luxurious dining room. the kitchen has been totally revamped. there's nothing you can complain about. the master bedroom has a beautiful attached bathroom, a sun porch, tile floors, french doors and that looks out on to the backyard. that's a house you can snuggle
9:23 am
down into and enjoy. >> it looks really sweet. >> it's sweet. i'm hoping to sell it to you and it's cheap! it's $269,000! >> at that price, get two. >> okay. >> salt lake city, utah. a 1,900-square-foot home, four bedrooms and $319,900. >> you got it, but you move to utah, you'll have a lot of friends because it's easy to the airport. you can fly there from anywhere. this is 40 minutes from world-class skiing. i'm sure you've heard of park ci and deer valley. >> oh, yeah. >> it's a cottage on a cozy street and the neighborhood is quiet. two floors and over 1,900 square feet. a beautiful revamped kitchen, double ovens, a tv nook and also a mother-in-law apartment that's ideal to rent out for extra income that would more than pay for your taxes and half your mortgage as well. or you can stick your mother-in-law there for free -- >> you've got a "where the wild things are" mural there. >> thank you. that would be removed. people think that's adorable, but unless you have a kid who loves the wild things and wants to move in at the right point in
9:24 am
time, it's not a good idea. in fact that swingset should be taken out as well. it makes that backyard look not very nice. >> let's head down to florida, st. pete beach, a home located on the gulf of mexico, and we're talking about mediterranean style at $374,900. >> it's got sandy beaches, some of the most beautiful in the world and it's a mediterranean style home. reminds me a little bit of the "golden girls" house from the outside. there's the dining room, cheery and bright. the living room has built-in cabinets, the kitchen's totly revamped, again. plantation shutters throughout the house. i could scratch that couch, because it's a little too florida for my eye, but besides the couch, everything's beautiful. and the pool in the backyard is the best part in the house. >> finally, greenwood, indiana, $442,000. >> okay, this house has all the bells and whistles if you want to impress your boss or your friends. it's an unusual architectural
9:25 am
house with a 46-foot tower. f you're rich enough to tower? buy it, you might as well have it. it has a built-in aquarium, a staircase to the kbana and it goes on and on and it's a deal! >> got them all in. barbara corcoran. h. to a full body ache... at night. new tylenol cold rapid release gels day and night work fast too. they release medicine fast to relieve painful coughs, congestion and sore throats. so you can rest, day and night. feel better, tylenol cold. so you can rest, day and night. why do women like you love activia light? sometimes i have no choice but to eat heavy greasy food that's hard on my diet. and my digestive system. so i eat activia light every day. it helps me feel good and look good too! ♪ activia!
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9:26 is your time on this friday, january 8, 2010. a live look outside today on a snowy day in maryland. schools are operating on a two-hour delay, frederick and johnstown school districts are closed. fairfax county schools, arlington county, alexandria, fall's church, prince william and loudoun county are all on delays.
9:27 am
9:28 am
good morning, the winds are increasing, we still have some snow in the region, we have a bad snow sti passing south of washington from southern prince william county into stafford, into spotsylvania. they already had about two inches of snow there over night. and they could pick up another inch. the temperature has been dropping over the last couple of hour, it's now down to 28 in washington. we have had winds gusting over 20 miles an hour this morning. temperatures only reaching the near freezing mark by early afternoon and we'll stay below freezing through the weekend. >> time to take a live like along i-270. looks like we're moving along pretty nicely.
9:29 am
headed for downto-- >> jerry, thank you, stay with us throughout the day for
9:30 am
♪ so where are all the fireworks i thought i'd see, i still haven't found the magic i was looking for that made me leave ♪ catch the mcfever. the "american idol" runner-up katharine mcphee is out with a new album and obviously a whole new look. we're goinwe're going to catch r later this morning. meanwhile, coming up this half hour, al roker along with ann curry, natalie morales. amy and lester are here as well with what's coming up this weekend. but we want to help you help your kids kick the junk food habit.
9:31 am
it may be easier than you think. joy bauer has some healthy snack alternatives that your kids will like. so ahead this morning, there is a real reason why the social networking sites are doing so well. making friends not only makes you feel better, but it can actually lead to a longer life, according to some studies. coming up, the six types of friends every woman might want to think about having. a good reason to have them. plus, always a good friend, the dog, right? man's best friend. is it me or the dog? well, you know how sometimes you love your pets but your friends or partners don't? sometimes it can even ruin a relationship. we'll show you how one trainer brings peace and harmony to your household. >> and lester and amy, what's coming up this weekend? well, if you're struggling with the winter weather, trying to keep warm, keep your house warm, we have some answers. also, dating after 50. there's no question that first dates can be nerve-racking. where to go, what to say. the do's and dont's for older singles who haven't been on the market for a while. and it's being called the he decade, tv's leading men who are supposed to be tough are
9:32 am
tumbling into midlife with doubt and distress. how do they deal with it? we're going to tell you this weekend on "today." how do you deal with it, lester? >> wow! >> the whole dating thing is still -- >> ouch. >> just -- >> he's only 22, what are you talking about? >> i was going to say, mrs. holt -- >> i'm 15 and married. >> lester, pretty cavalier about this. >> boy, that didn't come out very well, did it? >> lester's 50 and dating. >> can we do that again? >> zoom into your face. >> okay, but -- >> how about tonight? >> good luck with that. >> yeah, right. >> man, you think it's cold outside right now? ain't going to be nothing compared to what's inside the holt house! anyway, let's check the weather, show you what's going on. we'll show you for the weekend, we've got rain in the pacific northwest, cold in new england, sunshine through the gulf coast and then good morning, aroun the region, overnight we had anywhere from about an inch and
9:33 am
a half to 2 1/2 inches afternoon the metro area and they're getting some additional snow in the spotsylvania county and into virginia. it's moving to the south and east. it's a cold morning in the upper 20s near washington. windchills are in the teens, we have had winds gusting to over 30 miles per hour. blustery cold winds, highs only reaching near the freezing mark. >> and of course, it's friday, so we get to tell you one more time, it's not sunday night football night in america, it's wild card saturday! whoo-hoo! look out. we've got not one, but two big games on wild card saturday! jets move into cincinnati with paul brown stadium looking at scattered flurries, temperatures in the teens, windchills 5 to 10. then we go to dallas, cowboys stadium. outdoor weather, clear and cold, temps in the 23 to 27-degree
9:34 am
range on wild card saturday! >> okay now? >> yes, i'm sorry. >> we're done? okay. >> okay. >> natalie! >> ow! my ear drum bursted. okay. thank you, al! coming up next, turning junk food into health food that your kids will actually eat. joy bauer's going to show us how and save us all from this nightmare on the couch. ( woman ) what if sooner is way better than later ? ( man ) what if i need a big screen before the big game ? let's see what you got. it's your tax refund. why should you have to wait ? e-file at no extra cost with h&r block to get your refund fast. click, call, or come over. h&r block: get it right. pretty. ( laughs ) there we go. ( phone rings, laughter ) ♪
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♪ i want candy this morning on "today's moms," getting your kids to eat healthier. common problem for parents, having the kids eat the soda, candy, fast food. well, nutritionist and "today" contributor joy bauer has tips and recipes to get our kids off the junk. good to see you. >> hi, al. >> again, finding the right substitutes, because they'll eat it as long as it tastes good. >> that's exactly right, and the bottom line is, we can control what our kids are picking up at the hot lunch line at school, what they're eating with their friends, but we can control what they have in our homes, and there are small tweaks you can make to their favorites -- zzas, tacos, burgers. the nutrition goes way up and still tastes delicious to them. >> let's start with the burger. >> okay. typical burgers are made with high-fat beef and cheese and in a starchy bun. again, the nutrition is way low. what i'm doing in my version is using lean ground turkey meat and combining it with a little
9:39 am
ketchup, some dijon mustard, garlic powder. all these recipes are on the website. >> so, that keeps it moist. >> yes. then i'm putting it in a whole whaet bun or an english muffin or peta. there are a lot of varieties on the market, then using a 2% reduced fat cheese. so, the before calories are 700, and the after in this version are only 430 calories. >> wow. >> so, you really drive it down. and if you want to be a little creative, what i like to do is i take my turkey burger, i put the cheese in the inside. i take the top layer, i will cinch the sides, and then you stick it on the pan or grill or broiler, five to seven minutes on each side and your children get a nice -- >> turkey melt. >> -- cheesy surprise on the inside. >> who doesn't like a cheesy surprise? >> that's right. >> now, fries. kids -- i mean, everybody's addicted to fries. >> right, and potatoes are terrific. they've got a lot of nutrition they bring to the table, but when you drop them in a vat of oil, everything's out the window. >> sure. >> so, instead, these are called unfried fries. you take a sweet potato or white
9:40 am
potato, cut it up io pieces, put it on a baking sheet -- no aluminum foil, because it will get crispier, and you take an oil mister to evenly coat them. then a little salt, a little pepper, or cumin, chili powder. this is fabulous. >> traditionally, the sweet potato's better. >> sweet potatoes offer up a lot of beta carotene, which is great for your skin and great antioxidants, but nothing againsthe white potato. >> no, no. the blt. >> well, this is a grilled cheese. now, the classic american grilled cheese, yikes! it's white bread, full-fat cheese and then it's pan-toasted with butter. >> right. >> ew. >> that's why we like it. >> so, i'm suggesting everybody starts with 100% whole wheat bread, lightly toast it, layer it with the reduced fat cheese slices and layer it open face because you'll double the
9:41 am
vitamins and the bites. >> and you'll feel fuller. >> exactly. and throw in sliced tomatoes or turkey bacon. with the turkey bacon, you'll increase the protein and increase the tradition with tomatoes. >> i don't want to run out of time. this is kale. >> this is my crispy kale chips, and i know people in the control room are probably laughing right now, but kids love it you take kale, cut it into two-inch pieces, spread them on a baking sheet, a little bit of a loyal oil mister, little salt. ten minutes at 400 -- >> it's crunchy. >> delicious and kids eat it. >> and popcorn. >> air-popped popcorn, little spray and you could use parmesan cheese, hot sauce, yummy and be creative with seasonings. again, every single recipe is on our website. >> by the way, mark victor, our producer, and joe michaels, the producer, say the kale, amazing. they want you to bring some down to the control room. >> i'm >> i lied. >> you know what, honestly, i'm coming, and i bet you guys are going to like it. >> all right, joy bauer, thanks so much.
9:42 am
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and added a little fiber? sweet! sweet! (together) sweet! (announcer) now for the first time, a gram of healthy fiber in every packet. sweet! (announcer) splenda® with fiber. ♪ i'll be there for you >> announcer: "today's woman" is brought to you by splenda no-calorie sweetener. imagine lifeweeter. this morning on "today's woman," the six good friends ery woman needs to live a
9:46 am
longer, happier life. according to a ten-year study out of australia, strong friendships are a better predictor of longevity than even close family ties. the current issue of "prevention" magazine highlights the kinds of friends that are good for you. liz vaccarella is editor in chief. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> tell us about this research, because we've been hearing that having good friends will make you live longer. >> right. >> what's the evidence? >> the australian study looked at people and found that those who had the strongest socl ties, more than family ties, had lower risk of obesity, depression and even heart disease, but you know what, it's not about having 60 friends on facebook or a packed social calendar. what researchers really talked about was the type of relationship you ha. that is the key to health. >> and so, obviously, it must mean kind of a close relationship. and among these -- you've made a list -- right. >> -- of the kinds of friends that would fall into this category, and we begin at the beginning with childhood friends. and so, for those people who don't ve a childhood friend that they keep in contact with all the time, maybe it's a good
9:47 am
idea to sort of reach out and find them through facebook. >> right, yeah. technology is a wonderful way to reach out. these are the people who know your oldest stories and they love and know the essential you, and there's something that's very centering about that kind of friend. and technology can help. there are members-only websites that you can create, so nobody else is looking in on what you're talking about. i mean, the old-fashioned way as well, drop a note or pick up the phone and talk to people. >> because no one knows you like those who knew you then. >> right, exactly. >> but you also say, on the other hand, we should also be looking at new friends, but a friend is a new friend only for a period of time. >> right. >> you're saying we're always looking for somebody new? >> yeah. always try to make new friends. >> why? >> the older we get, the more we sort of get in a rut, and new friends can open us up to new experiences and new ways of being, and it's a whole fresh perspective on life. and unlike old friends, a new friend doesn't have any preconceived notions of you, so you can try on new roles and talk about interesting things.
9:48 am
>> but we think this might help our longevity because why, because we're being challenged, because we're having to use our brains in different ways? >> right, and it's novelty and we're constantly changing who we are and having a new perspective on life. that's what a new friend offers us. >> a workout friend. that makes sense. >> yes. >> you can work out longer, healthier. that makes sense. a spiritual friend is a nice idea. >> yeah. >> someone who you can talk about your religion, your faith, or just plain spirituality with. >> this really interested me, because at duke university, they did a study and found that people who were engaged in prayer or meditation of some sort were 50% less likely to die over a six-year period, and the idea here is not necessarily organized religion, but it's the idea of resiliency and being connected in some sort of spiritual way. so, to get more involved in your church in a more intimate way or your temple, or to just look around the community at a community college or a yoga center can offer a spiritual course that can help. >> that's interesting. a younger friend is good to
9:49 am
have. >> yeah. >> i believe in that. i have a lot of younger friends, and there's that kind of challenge that happens in kind of keeping you current thing that happens. >> also, researchers now know that nurturing and feeling needed by others is an essential element to happiness. they didn't know this before. a lot of us find that through motherod, but having a younger friend can fill this part of our life as well. >> and also, your partner's friend. >> yeah. >> that's also to be open to your partner's friend and have -- >> yes, it enriches the marriage. and they have shown that people whose families and social lives are more intertwined have a happier marriage after even just one year. >> and you've got all this stuff checked off. >> i i have all these kinds of friends. i'm a lucky woman. >> and ifz inspired the rest of us, liz vaccariello. thank you so much,
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
♪ and they called it puppy love ♪ this morning on "today's pets," british dog trainer victoria stillwell unleashes a new season of "it's me or the dog" on animal planet, and the claws come out tomorrow night when victoria meets four single girls battling over four little dogs. housemate susan was looking forward to getting three new roommates, but it then ended up picking up after them and their pets. now the dogs have contaminated their house and their friendship. victoria stillwell, good morning. you survived that situation called "the house of horrors," that episode, right? >> yeah, the house of poop, almost. it was disgusting. >> really? it was that bad throughout the hoe? >> three weeks of pop that hadn't been cleaned up. >> now, is that the owner's fault or the dog? sounds like a little neglect going on there. >> it was -- three of the owners, actually, with three of the dogs. then the girl who was cleaning up didn't have a dog of her own, but she worked nights, they worked during the day. the dogs were at home during the day, so she had to be the one to clean up. >> unbelievable. >> and then she gave up after a
9:53 am
while. >> i was going to say, i'd give up right away. so, are you thinking there are no bad dogs just bad owrs? >> yeah, i would say it's 80% owner, 20% dog when i train, because dogs pick up on environmental cues. so, if you don't give them the right kind of teaching, the right kind of environment, of course they're going to misbehave. they need to be taught. >> so, everything you do really is through positive reinforcement, right? >> yes. >> for example, you're going to show us, we have little -- i think this is gilligan right here. >> yes, this is gilligan. >> very cute. >> and put gilligan on the ground. positive reinforcement is getting a dog accustomed to living in our world, but in a nice way. good, good boy. training has been more focused on dominant training -- >> like the leash or the choker collars. >> yes. >> you never use any of those tools. >> never. basically positive reinforcement goes with the fact that if you reward a behavior that you like in a dog, the dog is more likely to offer you the behavior again. >> so, if you're trying to get
9:54 am
him to sit as you're doing here -- >> yes. >> -- and pay attention to you. >> sit. good, good, good, good. and what he's learning is that good things happen to him. so, instead of this confrontational relationship between owner and dog, you're having a relationship that the owner -- that the dog wants to be with you. >> right, right. >> it's a relationship based on cooperation, not domination. >> it's building that trust rather than, exactly, that domination. >> exactly. good, good. >> you're going to show us as well, now, i guess little blake here is a little touch shy. >> yes. >> and of course, little kids when they see puppies, the first thing they want to do is run up to them and put their hands to them, right? which can be dangerous. >> it can. and it's really important for puppies, especially, to be taught that the approach of hands is okay. >> right. >> so, what i do with her -- sorry, with blake. here. touch. good. so, blake suddenly sees the approach of the hand. touch. good. as being something good rather than something to be frightened of. touch. good. >> now, what about jumping,
9:55 am
because that's a trait that's so hard to deal with with dogs. >> yes. >> how do you get them not to jump? >> boo-boo here is a jumper and i ignore him like this. i turn my back on him and then give him a hand signal to sit. good he realizes that jumping gets him ignored and being patit gets him a reward. >> so turn your back, ignore the behavior. >> you bet. >> don't reward the behavior. >> exactly. and you don't
9:56 am
9:57 am
our time right now is 9:56, cold out there, 28 degrees and look at that stiff breeze, those flags are really flapping, but we do some light sunshine this morning. many local roadways were covered with snow early this morning. that prompted a number of schools to either delay or cancel classes, you may have also had to shovel your walk when you left the house today. how long will this weather last? will it last through the weekend? let's go to tom. >> the snow is not over yet for those south of washington in western charles county into the northern neck of virginia this, continues to move off to is east southeast and will be unloading an additional inch of snow to a couple of inches that fell down there overnight. we have got some clouds racing through and temperatures are
9:58 am
below freezing, we're in the 20s all around the region this hour with windchills down into the low teens to single digits, winds have you been gusting to 30 miles an hour. a frigid day on the way and a very cold weekend to follow with some sunshine back. >> the topside of the belt way moving along very nicely. elsewhe in the trip along 95, virginia pretty dried out this morning up to the capitol belt way at least from dale city to south of that point, look out for the snow. >> stay with us without the morning for continuing coverage of the weather but now we're
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television and it is friday, january 8, 2010. the tree is gone and soon piers will be too. >> oh, don't say that so early. >> well, we've had a fun week with you. kathie lee will be back on monday but we have had a blast. >> it's been fantastic. >> you with you and your britishness. >> you and your little americanisms. >> oh, really?
10:01 am
we have some surprises in the show. we're not going to show her yet, but piers' fiance is in the house. >> finally made it. >> quite the grueling travel. >> quite an ordeal, yes. on the front page of all the papers there's big news right here at nbc in our house. it talked about -- none of it has all been confirmed but how jay leno may reportedly be moving from his 10:00 pm slot to his original 11:30 pm slot. only it would be shorter, half an hour and then conan o'brien would be picking up. >> joking about it, you do that in britain, that would be the last broadcast you ever do. very, very funny. i've done both the shows. i've been on with both "tonight shows," conan and jay. >> what do you think? >> they're both very good at what they do. the problem is the scheduling, where they've been appearing. regional new sincere a massive part of the scheduling. >> it is. >> we don't have that problem in
10:02 am
britain. i really love both shows. >> let's listen to what jay said last night. it was kind of interesting. >> as you may have heard there's a rumor floating around that we were canceled. i heard it coming in this morning on the radio. >> i heard it, too. >> so far, nobody has said anything to me. kev, if we did get canceled, give us time to maybe do some travelg. >> that would be wonderful, man. >> in fact, i understand fox is beautiful this time of year. >> it really is. >> beautiful. beautiful this time of year. and the justice department announced they will conduct an anti-trust review of comcast proposal deal, the merge with nbc, anti-trust review, which is the relationship i have with nbc, anti-trust. hey, kev, what does nbc stand for? >> was that? >> never believe your contract, but you know -- >> that's very funny. very bold to do that. back in england, i'm actually best known as a talk show host. i'm thinking -- i don't know about you, hoda, but mybe a little open ing coming between the two of them? >> stop! this is what nbc said.
10:03 am
this is an nbc said about leno, one of the most compelling entertainers in the world today. as we have said all along ja's show has performed exactly as we anticipated on the network. it has, however, presented -- separate statement on conan. we remain to keeping conan on nbc as a valid member of our community. >> i hope they sort it out. i think the american public loved both of them. i think it's just whehere they' been appearing and if they get that right then nbc will be rocking and rolling, as they say. >> you know what we haven't been talking about? your show, the big show you are on, "america's got talent." >> i know. >> that's big and it's all getting back into gear. >> already causing headlines, david hasselhoff is leaving, and we're waiting to hear who his replacement will be. auditions as we speak where you can pitch up now and do your thing. get on to we're going to l.a., portland,
10:04 am
dallas. >> atlanta, yeah. >> all the details are there. >> when do they start? >> i think imminently. get on the website. apply, register. i remember last year this guy, kevin skinner, who won, country singer. he came from nowhere. he was a penniless guy who lost his job as a chicken catcher. >> that's right, i forgot about that guy. >> it's amazing. he sang like garth brooks. anything is possible. the next susan boil, the next kevin skinner, and in vegas, terry fater, one of the biggest paid stars on the strip. >> that's amazing. >> that is amazing. >> not like "idol," we take singers, jugglers, dancers, beautiful hosts. >> i think it's time to cue celia. it is time. we've been waiting to meet celia. by the way, she has been stuck in an airport in heathrow. how long was that? first of all, how tall are you, by the way? >> i'm nearly six foot. >> nearly.
10:05 am
he said you were 5'10". >> see, he doesn't even know. >> six foot on her heels. she increases her size with the he heels. >> i keep them on as long as possible. >> i have a question. why did you pick him? >> it was more of a question of him picking me actually. >> oh! >> the thing about piers, he tends to get what he wants. >> yes, like this chip here. >> put it down. and i'm naring him down to a size zero. he said i ticked all the -- he didn't tick any of mine, but there you go. >> stop! there's an airport scanner we brought to make you feel at home, celia. over there, we have a gentleman named mark laustry, and this is a new machine, mark, right? >> yes. >> let me ask you quickly a safety question. people are concerned if you're a cancer survivor or pregnant or
10:06 am
something. >> we're bouncing harmless radio waves off the body, next generation product. we're able to see the images in real time as the passenger is moving, we're able to see underneath their clothing. there is no safety risk. there will be no damage to any -- >> can i ask you about that? are you absolutely certain? one concern people will have, hoda has expressed this already, is there any radioactivity at all in this process? >> absolutely not, harmless radio waves we're bouncing off the bodies, kind of like radio where you're bouncing waves off something and receiving the signal back. we're looking for anomalies, areas of concern underneath the clothing. we're focusing on the anomalies, not the body. >> we have jim. do you have stuff on you right now? >> y. >> okay. so he has some contra band on him. we sort of fuzzed it out a little bit because it's a little funky. >> wow! look at that. like an avatar.
10:07 am
>> so, what are you seeing there, mark? >> so what we're seeing here is, for example -- >> a large package. >> you see here, this is a box cutter. >> yeah, box cutter. >> that would not be detected by your metal detector, concealed in the back, obviously. we see a plastic knife right about here. >> right. >> and an area of concern right here, which is an explosive simulant strap ped to the body. >> which is like what the guy had before christmas? >> exactly. >> with this technology, would you have stopped that guy, do you think, if they were vigilant when they watched the procedure, do you think the people at the airport would have seen what he had on him? that's the question. >> this is another tool for the screeners to use to detect these types of things. >> but specifically on that guy with what he had and the way he packaged it, would your machine have identified that? >> well, yeah. you can plainly see the anomaly underneath the clothing. >> thank you very much. did you have anything like that going through the --
10:08 am
>> no. we were all searched by hand, part of the reason why it took 22 hours. >> searching all the grannys and the kids. >> little kids, literally. >> how many times do you have to frisk a little boy of 2? how many times is he going to blow up a plane? >> going through bar by pencil cases and things and you're standing there. i had the incentive to come here to break up the flirtation between the two of you. >> hello! >> i'm in an uncomfortable situation here. i don't know which way i'm going to go. >> he has been coming on to me. >> i thought celia was mine. i'm not so sure. >> there is such a thing of google news and every morning i find increasingly horrifying references to you two. >> look. easy, girls. >> look at you. >> let's just sort this out after the show, all right? >> okay. >> there's room in my life for both of you. >> yeah. what's good? she's got good. what's good? >> now then there's a little surprise for you, hoda. you've been so lovely to me. joking aside, i've had a real blast this week.
10:09 am
you know that last time i came on, i gave you some flours and then donnie deutsch came on and boasted about buying you nice shoes. >> shoes. >> thanks, donnie, so much nicer than what piers got me. i thought how am i going to blow little donnie out of the water, british fire power to really woo you. on the phone now from caribbean island. are you there, richard? this is richard branson, the great british tycoon. >> hello, richard. >> since you love britain so much and we thought that we could give you two upper class tickets on virgin atlantic, of course, and take you to britain and entertain you. and celia will really be talking about you two. but, anyway -- >> is this for real? >> this is real. richard will very kindly fly you and a friend. the cue is starting with melissa backstage. >> melissa is going? >> she sent you to london before.
10:10 am
>> melissa is going to go with -- are we allowed to take a gift like that? it might be against the nbc rules. >> i'll tell you what. if you're not alloweded to fly on virgin atlantic, you can always come down to necker island. >> now that is an offer. >> thank you so much. and thank you. >> such a sweet guy. donnie can't beat that, right? >> no one can beat that. >> upper class virgin atlantic, flying to the uk, having dinner with me when you get there. donnie deutsch, it's over. blown, gone, finished. >> it is over! you've been touting the british point of view and i've been touting the american point of view, we've decided to show what each country has that the other does not. >> good idea. >> that's what all these props have been on the table lately. i have chosen, first of all, there's a song, ray charles song that's beautiful. >> oh, yeah. >> do we have it? ♪ america america ♪ >> we have ray charles singing "america." it's the best version. it's beautiful. >> it's not bad.
10:11 am
>> huh? >> not bad. jerusalem, which -- ♪ >> now that is a song. imagine 100,000 people singing that together. >> go back to "america" one more time because it's my show. okay. one more time. ♪ america >> close your eyes and feel it. >> i thought you would never offer. >> oh, my god. >> sorry, celia. >> we've got questions for each other. >> okay. >> the first one is -- what is this? okay. now today is elvis' birthday. >> yeah. >> you had the beatles. we had elvis. >> yeah. ♪ went to a party in the county jail ♪ >> which act had more consecutive hits, consecutive hits? which one? >> well, obviously the beatles are a massively bigger act but i suspect the only reason you're asking this is because elvis did. >> of course elvis did.
10:12 am
elvis had 29 consecutive releases in the top ten. >> if i asked you which of the two had the most consecutive number one hits, that would be the beatles. >> elvis. >> we only care about being number one, not number five. >> number five? does he tell the truth, by the way, celia? >> he is pretty truthful, actually. >> is he? >> yeah, and loyal. >> and handsome and powerful as well. >> you're a journalist? wait. let's talk about celia. you're a journalist? >> yes. >> tell me what you do. . >> i work for the daily telegraph. >> are youompetitive? >> yes, sometimes we'll interview the other people and won't talk to each other so we don't spill the beans. >> well she won't talk to me because my interview is much better. >> see this is what i have to deal with. >> new york's bronx bombers. arsenal, what's our nickname? >> i don't know what arsenal is.
10:13 am
>> best soccer team in britain known as the gunners. >> i picked hot dog. >> we've got fish and chips. >> what would you rather have? >> come on. look at that. it's revolting. >> revolting? have you been to yankee stadium? >> yes. >> and had a hot dog and watch the yankees? >> i rest my case. fish and chips in britain, nice pint of beer. this is real ale, not that revolting fizzy lauger stuff. look at the head on that. >> this is the cocktail. we invented the cocktail in the u.s. do you know that? the cocktail, we've invented it. >> what is it? hoda special? >> sex on the beach. >> sex on the beach? >> that's what it's called. >> again, i'm off to miami if you're interested. >> here is another one. >> there's room in the suite, hoda. >> let's see how much you know about lonn. we have the beautiful hudson river. you have the thames, the river thames. how many miles, not whatever you guys work in, kilometers.
10:14 am
how many miles is it long? >> everything is longer in br britain. i would say 60 miles. >> the answer is 215 miles. >> it depends where you start. >> uh-huh. >> quick one for you then. when we make our fish and chips, what are the two types of fish that we use most? >> you use cod. >> good. >> and you use tilapia. i don't know. >> no, cod and haddock. who h haddock and chips. >> tori birch, great designer. >> he wouldn't have a clue about that. >> these are shoes. >> this, to me, is quintessentially the difference between the two countries, this horrible white cardboard that contains starbucks or white immaculate cup of fine english tea. this is what life is all about. >> you like that honestly? cream or anything? >> little dash of milk. >> you don't like starbucks? >> no, i like it, but it's always the same.
10:15 am
>> the same? >> you spend ten minutes ordering there. i want a vinni, tinni, starbucks skinny. >> he says all this -- >> celia, tell me the truth. >> he says all this, and we go to l.a. and it's can i have a soy macchia? you know what i mean? >> you're never coming on the show again. >> we're glad you made it. enjoy your time. piers. >> hoda. >> okay. ambush makeovers and singer katharine mcphee is with us. why he has been moonlighting with some chipmunks right after this.
10:16 am
10:17 am
10:18 am
if you haven't tuned into nbc's dromedy "chuck" it's about a nerd who has become a spy. >> fully fledged tough as nails spy. take ace real man, right? >> it does. great to see you. i'm glad you're drinking the kind of drink we like in this country. >> starbucks. >> yeah. >> why do we like it? it's always the same. no matter where you go -- >> exactly my point. in britain we're more imaginary. >> you could end up with some random, tainted cup of tea. >> experimental, zach, come on. >> do you know, by the way, the beatles -- i think in 1968 had all top five? they had one through five in the top ten. >> you're right, much bigger than elvis. >> whose side are you on? >> i actually introduced paul mccartney to heather mills. >> was that a good thing?
10:19 am
>> five years later, he rang me five years later and said, hey, man, thanks a lot. cost me $50 million. >> let's talk about your show. you are back. this is one of those shows that came back because of massive, massive support from the people. >> yeah, we have the best fans in the world and they all -- they stood up and they raised their voices and said we love the show. we don't want it going anywhere. they were smart because they patronized one of our main sponsors, subway, started this grassroots campaign, buy a footlong on the night of the finale. and it resonated with subway and nbc. >> it's hard to turn the tide, when people make a decision about a show, it's hard to turn it. >> it is, and television can be a very fickle place to work. >> can you tell jay about this strategy? >> i think jay will be okay, according to reports. i don't know. but it was surprising, but not at the same time. i think we're all very proud of what we do. >>ou're going to be like a
10:20 am
real man, suddenly come of age, no longer the nerdy guy? >> he's still a nerd, no matter how good he gets at being a spy, he'll be a nerd at heart. everybody can live and kick, vicariously, butt through chuck. >> did you really learn how to do those the right way or what? >> i don't want to answer that. >> pretty impressive. >> this thing behind us, you look like you know what you're doing. >> that's very posed. >> was it? >> they had to hold my feet up. >> can you do a little? >> different kicks, different things like that, punches and things. the hard part is making it look like i'm not a wet noodle. i'm a very long, lean guy. it's not always the most graceful thing. >> if somebody took you on the street after the show, just came up to you, could you defend yourself with all the martial arts? >> no. i'm an actor. it's all fake. >> for people who are interested in this show, what can we expect? what's the new thing that we're going to see?
10:21 am
>> just that. chuck has these new abilities now, be it martial arts, playing musical instrumentors speaking foreign languages, like british. >> i've heard of that language. >> we were here first, mate. >> well, we were here -- no, i guess the -- we were you. we were them. >> true. >> let's be honest. >> so in the movie world, because "alvin and the chipmunks," by the way, keeps doing well. >> it's a franchise that's just trustworthy. it's been ound for a long time and parents know they can bring their kids there and it's a safe place to go. it's not going to get too out of hand and the family who has been responsible for the chipmunks since its inception are great people and theywant to stay true to that, the heart of it and honor that. it was very cool to be part of. >> i want to ask you about chuck, don't you get the girl in the series? this is a big developmen >> this season you have to tune in to find out. it comes to fruition. >> no denial, though? >> i can neither confirm nor deny these allegations. >> zach, thank you. good luck with everything.
10:22 am
go. >> one quick thing. sadly, faye dunnaway and jess, you owe me $500. he bet me i couldn't work that into the interview. there you go. >> chuck without faye dunaway on nbc. ambush makeover friday right after this.
10:23 am
10:24 am
still to come, what happened to these ladies after they were sent loose in the hands of luis
10:25 am
and jill? plus, our own transformation, katharine mcphee is here. >> we'll have more with her. look at her hair color. >> amazing. love that.
10:26 am
coming up on news4 midday, we'll have the latest problems caused by snow. police say they think this accident was caused by a driver going too fast for conditions. and in montgomery county, a house was
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
>> announcer: "today's" ambush makeover is brought to you by maybelline new york. maybe she's born with it. maybe it's maybelline. we're back on this friday with the results of "today's" ambush makeover. >> it started very early this morning when our crack maker of a team bundled up and headed out in the crowd in search for women most in need of an overhaul. >> love how you talk.
10:31 am
luis licari and "us weekly" contributor, jill martin, are ready to show off their work. it was snowy and icky outside. >> before we started, i want to be the friend that goes with you on that trip. >> melissa's got dibs on it. >> it was really sort of icky, snowy day. snowy, sleety, rainy. and -- but people were here, covered up, as you see. we found some great makeovers. >> our first one is miss darlene o'brien, 51 years old and she is from lubbock, texas. she has worked as a secretary for her local parish the last 15 years, down on herself a little while and has begged her friends have been begging her to get a makeover. let's take a listen to her story. >> darlene, you tell me you really want this makeover because you want to make a fresh start? >> that's right. my husband passed away two years ago from cancer and i turned 51 and it would just be nice to have a new start. >> we are going to pamper you
10:32 am
and give you a whole new look. are you ready? >> oh, i am. i'm excited. thank you. >> she's not the only one who is excited. her friends are with us, jennifer, tara and jillene. keep your blind folds on. i'll tell you when to take them off. this is the picture of darlene before her makeover with her hat on. here is the picture of darlene after. come on out! >> wow! >> look at you. >> d't cheat. >> okay. are you guys ready? take off your blind folds. check it out. >> oh, my gosh. >> darlene, are you ready to see yourself? >> i am. >> put your glasses on, so you can see. right here. >> oh, my goodness! >> wow! you look great. what do you thi? >> it' beautiful. >> turn around. >> i like it. >> put up a split screen. tell us about the hair. >> the most significant thing here is her great haircut. she had this rather boring
10:33 am
haircut and gave her layers and you can do it yourself with a little bit of gel. i made it a little warmer. she colored her hair. i made it a little bit brighter. >> ladies, what do we think of the new look? >> we love it! >> you do? >> gorgeous, yes. you look so young. you look so pretty. >> jill, tell us -- >> you look gorgeous. >> the out fit is great. >> she really needed basics for her wardrobe. t i want to point out the boots are hers. she wears them casually. the whole out fit is from ann taylor. >> big applause for darlene. head right over that way to these guys. now we've got our second lady. >> our second lady is marty winters, 64 from st. louis. after 18 years she retired working as an accountant, now spends her days volunteering at the humane society and gambling for fun, she says. when we approached her on the plaza, she was too embarrassed to take off her hatand show us
10:34 am
her two-toned hair. she's here with her friends, eileen and denise. there she is. >> let's take a listen to her story, see what she has to say. >> well, you guys were boping around in the freezing cold because you want marty to have a makeover. tell us why. >> i think she needs that love spark in her life and she's a great person. it would be great for her to get out there and find somebody. >> i know you're single. looking for some hot men? >> well, probably. if they're out there, sure. why not? >> we're going to give you a hot new look. are you ready to go? >> good luck! >> okay. well, this is the time we've all been waiting for. >> her friends are all blindfolded and you are not going to remove them until piers gives you the green light. >> absolutely not. marty, out you come! >> wow! >> hello. >> look at you. >> hey, girl, how are you? all right. hold on. these ladies have to take a look. take off your blindfolds.
10:35 am
>> oh! >> look how comfy you are in your own skin. you wan to see yourself? take a look. >> adorable, marty. you look amazing. >> oh, my god! >> wow! >> need your glasses? turn around. >> what do you think? what do you think? >> pretty hot, hey, marty? >> i look pretty good. >> hello. >> what happened to my white hair? >> luis, tell us about the hair. >> blond hair can be so pretty but when you take it too far, it's too much of a good thing. of course, i brought you closer to your natural color that made your skin color come alive. >> you really did work -- we worked a lot. >> gave her the beautiful eyes, blue eyes that shows it all off. and you look like a million dollars. >> what do y think? >> she's stunning. absolutely stunning. >> she was actually sick in bed and got her out of bed. >> it was worth it, right? >> we've known each other since we were 5 years old. >> is that right?
10:36 am
>> yes. >> dress is from white house, black market. they're going out for a fancy night on the town. >> come on out. big round of applause for our ambush makeovers. good job, guys. coming up next, katharine mcphee is in the house. >> we'll be talking with her very soon.
10:37 am
10:38 am
10:39 am
♪ that is a very blond katharine mcphee singing "had it
10:40 am
all". >> brand new album called "unbroken". >> great to see you. >> thank you. >> we have to talk about the look. that seems to be what everybody is buzzing about. why did you decide to go from bruinette to blond? >> well, it was part calculated, part jushaving a good time. i spent about a year and a half working on my record, lot of musical changes and so i think i was just sort of inspired to just change my look. >> you get more attention from the guys as a blond? >> good question. >> i wondered if that would happen but i have found no, i'm just the same. >> i find you more striking. >> see? >> really? >> yes. >> thanks. >> a lot of women look like that. you came in today i'm like, whoa! so it's working for me. >>oes it bother you that you may be getting more attention for the hair than the music? >> i've had my hair like this eight or nine months so it's always surprising when someone
10:41 am
changes your hair, something so simple, that you get attention for that. no, it doesn't bother me. >> why did you call the album "unbroken"? >> well, it's a song i wrote with paula cole, who was a huge inspiration to me in high school. i listened to all her records and still do. and i think that i was looking for a title for a record and i think the word "unbroken," i actually looked it up in the dictionary and one of the definitions was untamed and wild and i felt that was a description of how i felt making this record and how my label gave me freedom to express myself. >> untamed, wild. >> with the hair, untamed and wild. >> what makes this unique? for those of you who are big fans from american i"american i they know you from that, what will they take away from this it's new? >> this new record? >> yeah. >> i think it's hard with that first record to make it a personal record. it's all done so quickly. i've written about half the record. i spent a lot of time in
10:42 am
nashville. there's great songwriters there. it's just a more personal look and it talks about my experiences coming off of the show, making that record so quickly and -- somebody who did so well on "american idol," what do you feel about the changes going on there from what you're hearing, simon, whether he's going or not, and ellen. >> ellen is coming in? >> i was excited to hear about ellen. i think she's fanstic. people asked me my opinion on paula, i was like, if she wants to go and that makes her happy, she should be able to go. >> what about simon? >> of course, i wouldn't want to give him that much credit, but i think him leaving the show would maybe be a little harmful to the show. but, you know, things change and people recover. so, you never know. >> do you know who the odds on favorite is to take his place? >> who? >> piers. >> oh! >> yes. he is -- >> then they would be fine. >> i've actually -- i do "america's got talent." it's nice to be favorite. >> are you sure it's not going to happen? >> i'm pretty sure. >> will you be as mean as simon?
10:43 am
>> he can be. >> you should see what happens with hoda backstage. >> it's not pretty. you're covering a song called "brand new key" which people may know from back in the '70s. >> right. >> why did you decide to cover this song? >> people my age probably wouldn't know it. my label wanted me to cover a song on the record. i was like, okay, here's this song. and they're like, no, let's do a more obscure song. mitchell cohen from the label, he sent me a cd of all these songs. i didn't know any of them. i was like skip, skip, skip. this one song just really caught me. it was quite odd and quirky and i thought okay, i'll give it a try. i'll just please him, please mitchell and i ended up loving t i think it's one of the really fun tracks on my record. >> excellent. we wish you great luck with this new cd. >> thanks. we're going to try some things we just don't do where i
10:44 am
come from to help you stick with your healthy new year resolution. >> i'm not doing that. >> hoda, what's happening? this is enough. i've had enough of this.
10:45 am
10:46 am
10:47 am
10:48 am
all right. we're back with "today's" resolutions and fun ways to get fit. >> and i'm feeling ridiculous. if you resolved to get fit and lose weight, you're in for a treat. >> new innovative classes. the reason we're being propped up -- i don't know if you can see on the bottom but we've got these bouncy shoes on. our floor director is helping us out. hi, mario. what's the point with these? >> keep moving. they reduce the impact to your joints and spine 80%, burn twice as many calories and they're fun. when was the last time you smiled on a treadmill? >> never. >> exactly. >> i have to tell you, i don't feel that balanced. >> keep moving.
10:49 am
>> i'm putting the hat on. >> give me -- give me your helmet. i'm going to take it. >> we're off. we're off. >> look at that. >> this is -- >> i'm sorry. i'm like -- >> okay. >> go! >> step in the center of the boot. hold her hand until she gets the hang of it. >> i'm john travolta, you're olivia newton-john. >> in and out, in and out. good. and out. there you go. good. >> i feel -- okay. then what? >> how about together, go side to side. >> side to side. >> there you go. >> whoa, see? >> there you go. >> this is cool. you have a whole class like this? >> very fun, very power metric, the music is cranked and you kind of go crazy. >> we'll bring out jennifer now. where is jennifer? where is jennifer? come on out, girl. >> okay. >> what's next? what are we doing? >> well, we need this little beam piece of equipment.
10:50 am
>> we're out of these, right? >> i guess. careful. >> geez! >> come in here, sarah. >> we're going to get you on this. basically you want to take this parallel stance, one foot in front of the other. trust me, it's a little harder than it looks. climb up on. >> how is this different from a balance beam? i was a gymnast. >> this basically simulates a balance beam but takes the fear out of t a balance beam is how many feet off the floor? >> four. >> this is a couple inches. however, if you can tell, it still kind of -- stand up tall and just pull your core in. good. you've got great balance. most people get on here and start wobbling. go ahead and take your arms out, though. we're going to do some things that might take -- move your head side to side. >> okay. >> look up. good. look down. i mean, you've got great balance. >> is it all about balance? >> it is about balance. most people when they get up there -- you're really great. we should get hoda on here or piers on here maybe.
10:51 am
>> this has become -- >> most people start wobbling right away. see piers, turn your feet parallel. that would be -- see? >> whoa, whoa! >> see, he's a better. >> okay. >> pull your core into balance. >> pull my core in to balance, yes. >> now try to turn side to side. >> we have to bring rebecca back out. where is rebecca? come on out, rebecca. what's next? >> working the tush. >> work my bootie? >> let's see what we've got. >> bootie slides. butt-lifting, core strengthening workout. >> are you doing this, hoda? >> yes. >> where are your booties? >> i don't know. >> we'll start with bootie slider. hands press them together. slide back through our right leg and then pull up and then switch sides. and pull. switch. >> how often do you do this?
10:52 am
how long do you do this? >> you could do it for 40 minute. >> 40 minutes? >> there's a whole class. >> do you mind inching a bit forward? i'm enjoying the view back here. come on, hoda, down again. >> all right. we have one more? another person. come on in. come in here. what are we doing? keep working. >> hard core. >> what? >> let's go, guys. >> basically moving through your environment efficiently and creatively as possible, using just natural abilities. >> go again. >> you guys have to do it. >> no, keep going. >> we can't do this. >> no, are you kidding me? go, go, go. oh, cool! yes. one more. do something, tricks. >> this impressive. >> this is cool. whoa! you guys are awesome. we want to give a big thank you to
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
just to want to give piers a big thank you. >> i'm so depressed. >> what are you going to do with yourself next week? >> i have no idea. it was one of the most joyous weeks of my life. >> thanks to celia. glad she made it in. >> i am too. my answering machine will just say yes, hoda, i'll do it. >> is that right? >> to any request. >> i like that. let's check in quickly with sarah. >> everyone loves man candy. piers has been a hit on the wall but people are beginning or have been missing kathie lee. >> yeah? >> so, she comes back on monday. >> get rid of hoda. >> there's always room for you, babe. kathie lee is back next week. we'll have valerie bertinelli, william shatner will be here. >> you won't have me, tragically. i'll miss everyone. let's take a look back at the week that was. >> 2010, the first full week of the new year. joining me is this wonderful brit. >> hoda.
10:57 am
>> those are whitened. >> i don't like glenn. i like this. oh, that was incredible! >> i can't -- i miss you. >> i loved every single part of it. >> is this the look of a man who should be on the best dressed list, hoda? >> yes, i think. >> the door is closing, but it's not shut, hoda. >> can't not stand him. >> do you wear boxers or briefs? >> well, hoda, you know. you should tell them. >> i have not tweezed my eyebrow. >> they also say the thong is out. >> that's a problem. >> i hope it doesn't take an alien attack. >> this could be the first live anal prolapse. >> we'll get to the bottom of this. >> american man's idea of foreplay is are you awake, darling? >> what are you doing, honey? what's that buzzing sound? we don't do that. >> come here, chuck. it's okay. i won't let them hurt you anymore.
10:58 am
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